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49ers’ Brock Purdy still has something to prove, San Francisco  remains  the favorite to  win  the NFC West

Nov 9, 2023 #49ers, #Brock Purdy

The 49ers are back to practice after their bye week, which means the criticism of quarterback Brock Purdy is also back.

As we enter the second half of the football season, ESPN asked anonymous NFL executives who they think will ultimately win each division.

Even after a tough three-game losing streak, San Francisco remains the favorite to win the NFC West, according to those polled.

The caveat, however, is that Brock Purdy may not be able to lead a return, according to an anonymous AFC executive.

“If they get behind and the QB has to throw a lot, is he good enough to beat you?” the general manager told ESPN. “The last few weeks have been a struggle in this regard.”


The Niners’ recent losses have certainly dimmed the perception of Purdy’s status as a top quarterback.

While he was once the NFL’s infallible feel-good story, the 23-year-old has increasingly been asked questions about his talent and ability over that time. It certainly didn’t help that he struggled even more when the elite supporting cast began to fall apart with injuries, lending credence to the “system quarterback” charge.

All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams and jack-of-all-trades Deebo Samuel have missed the last two games, and Christian McCaffrey missed half of the loss to Cleveland three weeks ago.

At the same time, it’s going to be tough for any quarterback to survive plays without their best teammate, and needless to say, those struggles will soon be over.

Williams’ status is unknown, but Samuel is expected to return for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars. Getting one of the best players on the Niners’ offense back is exactly what Purdy needs to bounce back from.

The Niners can only be successful if everyone is fully healthy, an anonymous NFL scout told ESPN.
“Are they really panicking when (the Niners) have all the players?” the source said.

“They still have the best players. I think they know they need all of their pieces around Brock Purdy. When you start winning, you want to give your QB more, but then he struggles without his top guys.


I don’t knock him for that — even the best need help. It doesn’t make him less valuable, but that’s the way the roster is constructed.”

That being said, the success apparently won’t lead to a Super Bowl, according to the executives. The “consensus” for a championship prediction came down to the Eagles and Ravens.

It’s safe to say that failing in their latest attempt at winning the Lombardi Trophy isn’t enough for the Niners.

Therefore, there is no doubt that achieving success requires more than just returning talent.

In this case, the AFC manager may be up to something. Purdy may need to take another step forward if the Niners are to get the most out of this roster.

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