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49ers General manager John Lynch indicated that all players on injury reserve are healthy, why is WR Danny Gray isn’t  active?

Nov 18, 2023 #Danny Gray, #John Lynch

There were expectations that 49ers wide receiver Danny Gray would make a breakthrough in his second season in the NFL.

He got off to a crazy start to the season when he was placed on injury reserve due to an injury in training camp after being named to the original 53-man roster, but head coach Kyle Shanahan said he is now healthy.

Shanahan was asked about the team’s overall speed in early November and didn’t include Gray in his answer.

This wasn’t a particularly good sign for the receiver, whom the 49ers selected in the third round of the 2022 draft, in part because of his speed to break through games.

However, it was unclear at the time what Gray’s health status was as he recovered from a sprained SC joint he suffered in his shoulder late in the preseason.

General manager John Lynch indicated that all players on injury reserve are healthy enough to be sent off. But he didn’t say anything explicitly about Gary.

It certainly wasn’t encouraging when the team opened the practice window with three players on injury reserve and PUP before Week 10, leaving Gray on injury reserve.


Shanahan was asked more directly about Gray’s availability on Friday, and clarified that the second-year wide receiver has no role on the current 53-man roster. “Danny is ready to go.

He’s on the right path,” Shanahan said. “He’s in the same situation.

We’ll see what those numbers are, but I think he’s going to come back right now and help us. So we can tell from the numbers when we’ll need him. .”

This doesn’t bode well for Gray’s progress in his second NFL training camp.

The team’s lack of rush to get him back suggests he will have little role on special teams and even less on offense.

Gray was supposed to compete for the third WR position this year, but he wasn’t available for the 53-man position in Week 11.

Perhaps there are injuries in the receiving corps or elsewhere that could open up a spot for Gray.

Even if he were to make the roster, it’s unlikely he would play a big role considering Shanahan’s comments.

Gray is only in his second year, so he’ll have more chances, but it doesn’t look like his breakout second season will be anytime soon.

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