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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan: For the first time, I was able to go home at halftime and sit down with my family and watch the game

Dec 23, 2023 #49ers, #Kyle Shanahan

The 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan recalls a humorous experience.

Kyle Shanahan was used to facing the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West, but the 49ers’ coach had a different experience with his division rival in Week 15.

Because San Francisco had already clinched the West by beating the Arizona Cardinals 45-29 the day before, Shanahan said he was able to enjoy the second half of ‘Monday Night Football’ at home with his family. KNBR on Friday.

And as strange as it may seem, the coach was rooting for the Seahawks to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, making the 49ers’ path to the No. 1 seed in the NFC that much easier.

As the 49ers Faithful knows, Seattle pulled out a last-minute win that left Philadelphia fans embarrassed.

It was amazing that there were 8 days in a week. So for the first time, I was able to go home at halftime and sit down with my family and watch the game,” Shanahan told KNBR.

“It was probably one of the most exciting games I’ve ever been able to watch.


Because it contained a little bit of the story about us that everyone was looking for, and at the time, we could just sit still and not do any work. And enjoy the game.

“But I didn’t really like it. I was really angry because I didn’t think Seattle would win.

So I was starting to check out a little but, and then all of a sudden that last drive it was like, ‘How the hell did that just happen?’ And my wife was cheering and we were pretty excited.”

Shanahan said he told his wife to settle down shortly after — because even though the Seahawks’ win was good for San Francisco, the 49ers still have three regular-season games remaining and a lot to accomplish.

The 49ers can clinch the NFC’s top seed in Week 16 thanks in part to the Seahawks’ heroics, though, should the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and Eagles all lose their games and if San Francisco beats the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day.

While rooting for Seattle isn’t anything most football fans — or coaches — in the Bay would like to do, it certainly paid off last Monday night.

Shanahan said some of his 49ers players called him after the game’s crazy ending, which saw the Seahawks score on a game-winning touchdown with 28 seconds left in the contest.

“I was really happy with those guys, which you don’t always feel that way about Seattle, but I did them for a couple hours at least,” Shanahan said.

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