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49ers: I wasn’t really looking to become a quarterbacks coach in the NFL, “It kind of found me,”- 49ers Coach Brian Griese

Nov 19, 2023 #49ers, #Brian Griese

Brian Griese never considered coaching but is now thriving with 49ers.

The former Bucs quarterback spent 13 years as ESPN’s top college analyst and made it to MNF before a call changed his career path..

Brian Griese really wasn’t looking to become a quarterbacks coach in the NFL.
“It kind of found me,” he said.

After spending 11 seasons as a quarterback for the Broncos, Dolphins, Bucs and Bears, he enjoyed a second successful career as the premier color analyst on ESPN for college football and even made the Monday Night Football lineup in 2020 with Steve Levy and Louis Riddick.

Then, last March, an unexpected opportunity presented itself to the 49ers.


“I wasn’t looking for a coaching job, not at all,” Griese said. “I didn’t think about it for a second. But then, you know, I got a call and started this conversation with head coach Kyle Shanahan.


I’ve known Kyle since he was in high school. He had an opening with Rich Scangarello, who went to college (as offensive coordinator at Kentucky).

“We just started talking. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I came out here and talked to him about it and one thing led to another and here I am.”

Griese picked an incredible year to begin coaching 49ers quarterbacks.
Trey Lance, whom the team had traded three first-round picks for, sustained a serve ankle injury in the first quarter of their Week 2 game last season against Seattle.

Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a season-ending foot injury on December 4th. The following week, Brock Purdy replaced him and made his first start against the Bucs and Tom Brady.

On his first snap as a starter, Purdy received a blindside sack from Tampa Bay safety Keanu Neal that would have sent most veteran quarterbacks out of the game.

The former Iowa State star didn’t hesitate after being selected as Mr. Irrelevant in the 2022 draft.

That day, he scored two touchdowns in a 35-7 win over the Bucs and never looked back.

“He made some mistakes along the way,” Gries said. “A great example is when he played against Tampa, this was the first start of his career and he was going to play against (Brady) and everyone was making a fuss about it and I said, The kid was devastated. It wasn’t too high, it wasn’t too low.”

In two stints with the Bucks, Griese compiled an 8-3 record as a starter. It was probably a little easier than following John Elway, who retired with his second Super Bowl ring. But there’s no question that Griese reignited the competitive spirit for the 49ers.

“It was really fun to get back to competing every day,” Gries said. “You know, when you’re streaming, you’re always on the surface, you don’t win or lose, you don’t have any skin in the game. …

“I never thought it would be so much fun just building relationships again, because everybody misses that when you come out of the locker room.”

Griese said he knew early on that Purdy would be a special player, as Purdy was the starting quarterback and defensive back on the scout team.

“Right into training camp, guys started looking and noticed this kid was starting to run against our defense, and he didn’t back down,” he said.

Off the field, Grease is blooming again. His wife and two children stayed at their home in Denver last season because he wasn’t sure if the 49ers would like him or that he would want to continue coaching.

But this year, they have moved to northern California. His son is a freshman in high school. His daughter’s relocation was a little more drastic because she is a senior.


Remaining in Denver is a new, 25,000 square-foot dwelling for Judi’s House, the community-based nonprofit specializing in childhood trauma and loss.

The piece was inspired by Grease’s mother, who died of breast cancer when she was 12 years old.

“We celebrated our 20th anniversary last year,” Gries said. “It’s still going very well. … We’re expanding and doing more work across the state and nationally to educate people and raise awareness.”

How long will Griese remain as coach? No one can say for sure, but there’s no question the 49ers quarterback has benefited from his leadership.

“I’m who I am and I try to bring the best version of myself to work and help not only Brock, but Sam and Brandon Allen.

I want them to know what’s going on on the field.” We strive to help you understand not just what it is, but what it means.”

How to be a quarterback in the NFL? What does it mean to be a leader in the locker room? …
“You lost three games in a row.

How do you deal with it and what are people saying about you?” I was in her shoes. ”

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