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49ers players and fans travels to seattle for the Thanksgiving game against Seattle Seahawks

Nov 23, 2023 #49ers

49ers fans will travel to Seattle for a game against the Seahawks on Thanksgiving.

This year’s Thanksgiving travel rush is expected to break records, with Niners fans doing their part by traveling to Seattle to watch the highly anticipated game against the rival Seahawks.

It was impossible to miss the red and gold at San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) on Wednesday night.

“Wow! Niners!” fans shouted to the security line.


Some people only travel for a few days. “We were in and out,” said Gloria Williams, a 49ers fan from San Jose.

“We have the gloves, the hats, everything Niners has.”

Gloria and Doug Williams left for Seattle on Wednesday night and returned on Friday.

Their Thanksgiving this year has been very different, but the journey has been ongoing since the season began.

“Normally I’m with my daughter, but since she’s a little further south, I decided to do it just once this year.

The Niners don’t usually play on Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d watch this game.

It’s going to be special,” Doug Williams said. And they aren’t alone. They will be spending time with the Niners family.


“The whole Niner family will be there. We’re going to have a nice Thanksgiving lunch before the game,” Gloria Williams said.

Isaac Espinoza also traveled to Seattle from SJC, but he has loved ones in Washington who are Seahawks fans, so there could be some confusion at the dinner table. “It’ll be fun to talk trash over dinner or the next day,” Espinoza said.

To accomplish this, the Niners must defeat their division rival, the Seattle Seahawks. But fans are optimistic.

“It would be great to have turkeys in the field if possible,” Doug Williams said.

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