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49ers unusual pregame ritual: “Every time we build a pyramid, we win,” Lisa McCaffrey mother told NBC Sports Bay Area

McCaffrey’s family and friends have revealed his unusual pregame ritual for the 49ers.

If you were in attendance for the 49ers’ Week 11 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you may have seen a unique sight on the sideline before the game.

A small group stopped and knelt on the grass as family, friends and fans who had been on the field before the game were asked to leave the field and take their seats.

And the human pyramid began to form. A closer look revealed that the participants included friends and family of 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

All-Pro father Ed posed for photos while his mother Lisa stood in the center row of the human structure.

“Every time we build a pyramid, we win,” Lisa told NBC Sports Bay Area. She said, “I have the best photos from past games.”

Lisa shared that the base row included Jake Underwood, Tim Roach, Justin Falls, and Brandon Spencer, all of whom were teammates of Christian in high school.


Lisa, far left, was joined in the middle row by her friends Amy Underwood and Susan Hansen, while Hayley Fields bravely made her way to the top.

Previous Pyramid attendees included all of Christian’s family and friends who attended the game, including his fiancée, Olivia Culpo.

We do it every week,” Lisa said. “My goal is to build a four-tier pyramid for the playoffs.”

If building a human pyramid helps improve the 49ers’ postseason chances, there’s no doubt the McCaffrey family will welcome many happy volunteers willing to join.

The 49ers head into Thanksgiving Day looking to maintain their spot atop the NFC West with a win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Perhaps the team will get a little boost from McCaffreys before kickoff.

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