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5 strategies the Niners could adopt to a 49ers vs. Buccaneers victory

Nov 18, 2023 #49ers, #Buccaneers, #vs 49ers

On Sunday, the 6-3 San Francisco 49ers will face the 4-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers are a half-game behind the New Orleans Saints for first place in the NFC South.

A win on Sunday and a loss to the Saints could put the Buccaneers in position to finish first in the division and secure a playoff spot.

The 49ers hope to improve to 7-3 and stay atop the NFC West, and their next opponent is Seattle.

If the 49ers hold the key to this victory, they’ll head to Seattle for a chance to breathe in the wild West.

5 strategies the Niners could adopt

Stop the run

The Buccaneers rank 32nd in rushing, averaging 78.1 yards per game. Their leading rusher, Rashard White, has yet to reach 100 yards in a game.

The 49ers rank fourth in run defense, allowing 83.1 per game through Week 10. By stopping the 49ers from giving up runs, they forced the Buccaneers to pitch the entire game, forcing them to be one-dimensional.

The 49ers want Baker Mayfield to throw the ball. This gives the team’s secondary a chance to inch its way forward, potentially becoming No. 1 in turnovers after Week 11.


Be careful with screen paths.

If the 49ers want to win, they have to stick to their plan and stop giving up runs.

Don’t expect the quick-throw philosophy to disappear. Teams will still try to get the ball out of the QB’s hands quickly to counter the 49ers’ pass rush.

Most teams do this with screen passes, which seems to be a weakness of the 49ers defense.

Note that even if the 49ers score, the Buccaneers will still try to get the ball to running back Rashard White.

White had 50 receptions on 58 targets for 290 yards and two touchdowns. Most impressive are the 13 first downs he’s gotten this season.

You can expect linebacker Dre Greenlaw and his buddies to be responsible for this play, as the 49ers usually have a hard time defending their screen game.

The 49ers will have to be disciplined in calling screens and running defense, as the Buccaneers are not afraid to throw the ball short with this ability.

The 49ers are going to stop giving up runs, so they’ll have to stop them in overtime to ensure a win.

Get to the Quarterback

The one thing I’ve noticed about Baker Mayfield is that he doesn’t mind pressure.

He will stand in that pocket to the very last second to get the ball to one of his playmakers, such as Mike Evans or Chris Godwin.

The 49ers’ pass rush must get Mayfield down on the ground.

If the team can recreate the same type of game plan, generate the same type of pressure, and produce similar results from the Jaguars game, it will be a long day for the Buccaneers’ quarterback.

Mayfield hasn’t been sacked more than three times in a game, but that may change this week against this ferocious defensive front of the 49ers.


The Buccaneers rank fifth, allowing just 82 pressures in 2023. Their offensive line is above average and will be a challenge for the 49ers’ defense.

If the 49ers can get through the Bucs’ offensive line and get to the quarterback, they win.

Including Mike Evans

The 49ers’ secondary will be at full strength against All-Pro receiver Mike Evans.

Evans has 43 receptions for 737 yards this season, averaging 17.1 receptions per reception and six touchdowns.

He played four times against the 49ers and had 20 catches for 284 yards and two touchdowns.

In his last game against the 49ers on December 11, 2022, Evans was targeted nine times but had only four receptions for 44 yards.

The 49ers’ defense kept his output low and out of the end zone. Evans is Baker Mayfield’s favorite target, looking to get the ball to his playmakers.

The 49ers used a lot of cover sixes against the Jaguars, eliminating explosive plays against Calvin Ridley.

Expect the 49ers’ defense to reflect the same game plans and attention to detail as the Buccaneers’ star receiver.

If the 49ers can apply pressure, give it their all, and give it their all, the 49ers will be looking for more wins.

let’s get the ball out

The Buccaneers have a strong defensive front led by All-Pro defensive tackle Vita Vea.

The Bears will try to take over the doubles so the Buccaneer linebackers can close the gap and make stops on the run.

This season, he has recorded 27 tackles, including six for a loss and four and a half sacks.

The 49ers should resume playing in the outside zone.

With tackle Trent Williams practicing extensively this week, it’s safe to assume Christian McCaffrey will run the ball all day.

In this way, the 49ers spread the field laterally and ease the Buccaneers’ pass rush from inside.

This allows the 49ers to utilize their middle more and, more importantly, allows for a play-action passing game.

49ers tight end George Kittle will be happiest when the 49ers run the ball to the outside, and it will be another fun day at IHOP. Everyone loves pancakes.

This game will be an important match for both teams as they aim to qualify for the playoffs. The 49ers are the top seed in the West, but with the loss to the 49ers, the Seahawks are well on their way to clinching that spot. If the 49ers want to stay in first place, they need to keep winning.

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