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AFC East Rival Rips Jets’ Defense: ‘Weirdos … I Hate Them!’AFC East Rival Rips Jets’ Defense: ‘Weirdos … I Hate Them!’

Buffalo Bills tackle Dion Dawkins held nothing back when talking about the New York Jets defense, particularly for some of the more prominent pass rushers.

If the last two seasons were any indication, the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets simply don’t like each other.
As AFC East rivals, the two sides have fought through some grueling matchups in previous seasons. Whether it was Xavier Gipson’s walk-off punt-return touchdown to open the 2023 season, or Buffalo quickly altering their offensive philosophy to blow through an offensive-helpless Jets squad just two months later, the two teams have had plenty of impressive moments.

As with any rivalry, the players on each roster have personal rivalries that transcend the field of play.

When the Bills face Dion Dawkins, it’s not just the players he faces that upset him, it’s the entire Jets’ defense.
“Weird people are weird,” Dawkins said on VladTV. “I’ll take it. I hate everything… everything.”

Dawkins has made the Pro Bowl three times since being drafted out of Temple in 2017. Dawkins, a native of Rahway, New Jersey, is familiar with the Jets fan base and overall history.

New York has not made the playoffs in the past 13 seasons and has not had a winning season in eight straight seasons.


According to the Bills, their recent lackluster performance is due to the poor mental state of the organization. “When it comes to sports, there are people who play sports because they love sports.

And then there are people who play sports to be cool,” Dawkins explained. “I think they’re trying to be cool. I have a lot of friends who want to take pictures on Instagram. “It’s nonsense.”

The 29-year-old singled out Jets defensive lineman Michael Clemons as a player he particularly disliked. After Buffalo’s 32-6 win on November 20, Clemons and Dawkins appeared to argue in the tunnel after the game.

Dawkins later called the Jets “rude.”
New York went 7-10 last season and lost its season opener against Buffalo when reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles tendon.

The Bills, on the other hand, won the division 11-6 despite a change in offensive coordinator. Buffalo ended up defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round before falling to the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round, 27-24.

Both teams hope to change the status quo at the other’s expense next season. New York wants to end their playoff drought while Buffalo is looking to end a championship drought that has spanned their entire existence.

Logically, it makes sense that neither side likes the other. Of course, some on either side respect the other, but for the most part, there’s just natural hatred to make sure the other team struggles each game.

The same goes for players like Dawkins. “Quinnen Williams… is solid. He’s real. I like him,” Dawkins said. – remain? I don’t care, I don’t like those people.”

Not surprisingly, Dawkins’ comments did not sit well with some members of the Jets. Sauce Gardner, a two-time professional player, pointed out the hypocrisy of Dawkins’ comments and especially his love for the game.

“He tried to say we were trying to look cool but he kept following Vlad and he had no shirt on,” the star defender responded on Twitter.

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