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Broncos Deal WR Jerry Jeudy to Patriots in New Trade Proposal.

The denver broncos are expected to be a bit more active than most in the nfl offseason, according to the team.

After an uneven 8-9 season, they’re also bottom-five in the league in terms of available cap space. It could also result in some difficult decisions about who is likely to remain on board for 2024.


Outside of the looming russell wilson scenario, there is a key storyline to keep an eye on: how the front office will approach the receiver room.

With so many names on board and not much space to spare, one of these weapons will inevitably be shipped off as part of money-saving initiatives. Denver could trade off 2020 first-round pick jerry jeudy, according to bleacher report.

The broncos traded off the pass-catcher to the new england patriots in the 2024 nfl draft with a day-two pick in their new deal. denver broncos receive: a 2024 fourth-round pick (no. 2). Received a 104 overall pick by the new england patriots, with wr jerry jeudy maurice moton at b/r defending his proposed deal, citing some significant cap implications as well as some underwhelming play from jeudy as the main factors.

Remember, a proposed trade agreement that involves wilson could have significant complications and seem unlikely with the terms of his contract, which includes a no-trade clause and no immediate cap relief.

To reach the cap ceiling, the broncos may need to detain one or two veterans… if courtland sutton, mims, and possibly tim patrick are healthy, the new england patriots may move forward with them, according to jeff howe of the athletic.

Despite the fact that bill belichick and his staff left the patriots, they still have front-office holdovers from the previous regime. Denver could revisit trade talks in an attempt to clear about $13 million in cap space, and new england could be open to signing jeudy to strengthen its bottom-tier wide receiver roster.

Jeudy ended his 2023 career with 54 receptions for 758 yards and two touchdowns. It was a decrease in his production from denver, where he had 67 receptions for 972 yards and six touchdowns.

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