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Caicedo is one of the few players on the market capable of fulfilling the undisputed number six role Liverpool are trying to create, But what if there is no deal for Liverpool?

Aug 12, 2023 #Moisés Caicedo

Moisés Caicedo signed, two more transfers – Liverpool’s dream team in Jurgen Klopp’s ideal scenario.

Liverpool received Moisés Caicedo but the story took a turn when Chelsea got involved. In a dream scenario, a deal is made, but it’s on the brink.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for around 36 hours in the transfer market, with Liverpool and Chelsea starring.

The Reds aren’t usually embroiled in public sagas, but it showed that it can reasonably be said to be that and more.

Moisés Caicedo is the man at the center of the fight. In a very abbreviated version of the full story, it initially looked like Liverpool had taken the lead and become the favourites, but Chelsea turned out to be the player’s preferred option.


At the time of writing this article, there is still no solution.

So with all that said, what’s the dream scenario for Liverpool from here?

If Caicedo came in, that would obviously be part of it. Having made a $140m (£110m/€127m) bid for the Ecuadorian, Liverpool are obviously liking him a lot.

The Reds felt it was worth trying rather than doing nothing at all to get the 21-year-old and went all-in.

Whether that will be enough remains to be seen, but it has become clear that Liverpool view Caicedo as a player who could make a difference in midfield.

Should a dream scenario come true, a reunion with Alexis Mac Allister and the addition of Dominik Szoboszlai would result in a fearsome trio capable of rivaling anyone they face.

A perfect blend of physique and quality on the ball, few teams could live with that, not least with a number of elite attacking threats ahead of them.


Caicedo is one of the few players on the market capable of fulfilling the undisputed number six role Liverpool are trying to create, whilst having the ability to not only survive but also thrive there.

But what if there is no deal for Liverpool? Lavia could become a target again (it’s possible it will be even if Caicedo is brought in), but there aren’t any other obvious options.

Chelsea are “close” to sealing a transfer for Southampton teenager Lavia, Sky Sports reports, in a potential double whammy for the Reds if both players are off the table.

In a dream scenario, it would be possible to get Caicedo and Lavia, even if it would cost at least $203 million.

It seems more likely at this point that it would be Chelsea, not Liverpool, who pull off that double whammy, but it remains the ‘ideal world’ scenario that the Reds would somehow achieve.

There may be questions at both clubs about who gets minutes in which leagues, with big money additions requiring big roles, but it’s a better question to answer than not having enough quality and depth.

Part of the reason Brighton can demand such a high fee for Caicedo is that there are so few elite midfielders.

Caicedo is one, Declan Rice (who has already moved to Arsenal for an equally colossal fee) is perhaps another, and Liverpool lost Aurélien Tchouaméni to Real Madrid last summer.

It would be a problem for Liverpool without Caicedo or Lavia, but we are talking about the dream result here.

Elsewhere in the squad, Liverpool’s forward line speaks for itself.

Mohamed Salah is the only certainty of his position, while Darwin Núñez may be fifth in the pecking order, but things could change quickly.

Any combination of the other three experienced strikers could come forward and be the first choice.

Get the right midfield while the attacking and goalkeeping departments are already established, then Liverpool would only need to add defense this summer.

But like in midfield, there are no obvious options to choose from.


Few names have been mentioned as to possible interest from Liverpool, although a player on the left is a priority and not signing anyone for the job would pose a significant risk.

Currently, the defensive midfielder and central defender are two obvious weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Liverpool’s ideal team:

Goalkeepers: Alisson, Kelleher, Adrian

Defenders: Alexander-Arnold, Bradley, Konaté, Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip, new recruit as central defender, Robertson, Tsimikas

Midfield: Caicedo, Lavia, Szoboszlai, Mac Allister, Jones, Elliott, Thiago, Bajčetić, Morton (more young players who could get involved, including Bobby Clark) .

Attack: Salah, Gakpo, Díaz, Núñez, Jota (more young players players, who might be involved). participate, including Ben Doak)

If Liverpool get neither Caicedo nor Lavia, which is a possibility , they should find an alternative.

It wouldn’t really be a nightmare scenario, but it certainly wouldn’t be the dream listed above.

As of this writing, nothing is 100% decided yet, but we’ll probably know soon what’s next.

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