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CeeDee   Lamb: I  believe  in  myself   and  my  abilities,  We   will   continue   this

Nov 17, 2023 #CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee   Lamb’s   recent  run  has been nothing short of special.

In   addition   to   ranking  third in the NFL in receiving yards and helping to  strengthen  Dallas’ passing attack over the  last four games, Lamb  has   gained   three   straight   games   of   at   least   10   yards   and   at   least   150   yards,   and  is  on   track   to   set  an NFL  record.   It’s   gaining   momentum.   Obtained.  

Lamb   has   been   playing   at   his   highest   level   since   the   loss   against   San   Francisco  and  had   little   impact   on   the   offense’s   worst   performance   all   season,   making  Lamb’s value in the conversation  among  the league’s  best   pass   catchers.   was  to  increase.  

“This   means  a  lot,”  Lamb said  of  his   latest   record   achievement. 

“It obviously means I’m doing  the   right   thing  and all  the hard work is paying off, but the hard work  isn’t  over   yet.” 

In the midst of a season, Lamb is able to  assess  the  highlights  of his accomplishments, but even he  says   his   reflections  won’t be  fully  realized  until he  achieves   his  ultimate team  goal.   I   would   say. 

“There’s  not  much  to  think about  at   the   moment,  especially  with   the   game  coming up  next   week,”  he said. “I can’t  think   too   much   about  it  at   the   moment. 


I can just  keep  my head down,  work   hard,   keep   improving   and   get  better for myself and  the  team.”

“As   a  player and  as   a  guy  that   you   can   rely  on to make  plays  and get  first  downs,   give  us  touchdowns,   and  now  that   we’ve   proven  that, it  doesn’t  get any better than that.  ”  

As  I  said   earlier,  I  believe  in  myself   and  my  abilities.   We   will   continue   this. 

A   big   factor  in Lamb’s success  was  the person  who   put  the ball in his  hands:   fourth-year  quarterback  Dak Prescott. 

Lamb  said  he and Prescott have  made   progress  in their time together,  but  this is the first time  they’ve   made  this  much   progress  as a unit. 

“We’ve been together for four years now and  there   are  always  violent   outbursts,”  he said. 

“But   now   we’re   planning   the  season  and  we’re   both   getting  hot at the same  time.  

That’s   great  for the offense and  great  for us. We just  have   to  keep  moving  forward  and keep adding  pieces. 

If Lamb  can  keep  going,   he’ll  not only  have   the   best   season   of   his   career,   but   he’ll   also   achieve  a  record  set by Michael Irvin  in the  1990s,   a   record  Lamb  often  thinks  about. 

As   for   whether   he   considered   matching   Irvin’s   record,  he said  “quite   a   bit.”   “It’s  not necessarily my focus, but  ultimately   it’s  definitely something  I  can   deal   with.”

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