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Celebratory Connection: Brock Purdy and his fiancé share a candid moment after their victory against the Lions

Jan 30, 2024 #Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy and Fiancé Share Emotional Moment Following Win Over Lions

Quarterback Brock Purdy didn’t save his first kiss with fiancée Jenna Brandt for the altar, and the San Francisco 49ers fan base — and beyond — now knows it.

Purdy and Brandt hugged and kissed on the field after the 49ers’ 34-31 victory over the Detroit Lions in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

The Niners quarterback welcomed his parents Shawn and Carrie, followed by Brandt, whom he will marry in March after the Super Bowl.


Purdy and Brandt, both avowed Christians, announced their engagement via an Instagram post in July 2023.

The couple notably does not live together as Purdy currently has 49ers offensive lineman Nick Zakelj with him to share the rent.

“And other than that, it’s pretty simple,” Purdy told “Today” in October 2023.

Purdy’s personal choice doesn’t fit the modern norm: More people in America live together than are married, according to a 2019 Pew Research Center report.

Purdy also broke the norm on the field by leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl despite his previous draft position – the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

“Yeah, honestly, I think it’s a testament to God and where He’s led me in life,” Purdy told reporters Sunday. “I was never the biggest, the fastest, the strongest.”

Purdy’s opportunity came late in the 2022 season, when former Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a foot injury.

The former Iowa State star went 5-0 and led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game before suffering a season-ending elbow injury.

On Sunday, Purdy got the job done by throwing for 267 yards and a touchdown against a pick. Next, he could become the youngest starting quarterback to win it all in the Super Bowl.

Brock Purdy reveals what he told the 49ers at halftime

Purdy won in the locker room last season and continued to do so in 2023 as an MVP candidate.

He used that momentum to help his team at halftime against the Lions, when things looked bleak due to a 24-7 deficit.

“Just try to tell everyone, ‘Do your job.’ That’s what we all need to do,” Purdy said of his halftime message.

“You are one of eleven players and in the first half there were incidents, one player each time.

Of course, it’s hard for me to know exactly what’s going on, but you just have to do your job, and this defense is as talented as it gets. So that was it.

Brock Purdy delivered after a big defensive stop

Detroit destroyed the 49ers defense with three first-half touchdowns, but the Lions didn’t score again until the final minute of the game.

Things changed suddenly for the 49ers when the defense stopped the Lions on fourth down in the third quarter when the visitors could have scored a field goal to make the score 27-10.

Purdy then led a scoring drive highlighted by a 51-yard catch from wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, cutting the lead to 24-17.

The 49ers then tied the score before the end of the third quarter with a 1-yard run by running back Christian McCaffrey.

“Honestly, I’m blocking everything that’s going on on offense and just trying to make sure everyone stays calm,” Purdy said.

“You can’t get too high when our offense is going well because you know you have to go out there and do your job.”

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