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Chiefs: WR  Matt  Nagy reactions to Monday night game week 11

Nov 22, 2023 #Matthew Nagy

We have a lot of confidence in them and believe in them.

Kansas City’s receivers have been a glaring weakness for the team, with several drops contributing to Monday night’s loss.

Most notably, Marquez Valdes-Scantling was deep on the field with 1:50 left in the game.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he wasn’t throwing his receivers under the bus when asked about it after the game.

On Tuesday, offensive coordinator Matt Nagy struck an encouraging tone when discussing his unit’s struggles.

“As No. 1, we want to score points offensively in general, eliminate turnovers, eliminate penalties,” Nagy said in a press conference.

“So if a play is to be made, make a play, it’s everyone’s job.

We’re playing against a lot of players here, and they all want to perform well and be successful.

When you play a game like this, you just have a magnifying glass, no matter how many players there are.

It could be a little bit bigger than the other plays, whether it’s a play, but it could definitely be a big deal, and we understand that, and our players understand that.


“At the end of the day, we have a lot of confidence in them, we believe in them, and I think that’s very, very important.

You hear it and you see it from Pat. It’s something we all continue to work on together, and we know it won’t be easy.

To be honest, the most important thing is not to blame ourselves for the turnovers and penalties at the end of the day – and we might end up falling. ”

Nagy pointed out that this is simply a broad statement that the team needs to improve.

Losing a match makes things worse, winning a match can make the stink go away, but I think we need to understand that there are good things ahead.

Let’s overcome this problem with a positive mindset and we’ll be fine. ”

However, the Chiefs lead the league in drops, an issue the team must resolve to qualify for the AFC.

Nagy said that when it comes to eliminating them, the problem is “first and foremost physical.”

“Sometimes when you’re in the building after a meeting and you look outside and you see people doing extra work on pitcher machines, that’s probably the biggest problem,” Nagy said.

“Then they would talk to the quarterback in between (practices) and run certain routes that were in the game plan.

“In general, there are some routes that a lot of people have done since OTAs, but there may be some routes that are a little more specialized to that defense, so consider the timing of those routes in time.”

The interval between periods is allowed and remains after that. …Mentally, you have to understand the scheme and consider what situation you’re in.

Patrick’s physical throws allow us to do extra work during the breaks, and as you can see, when Patrick isn’t there, the players are making more of their own throws. ”

The Chiefs’ receivers have to be better, both physically and mentally, or it will be difficult for Kansas City to continue another strong playoff run this season.

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