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Cowboys coach Mike Zimmer announced Al Harris’ decision

Feb 15, 2024 #Al Harris, #Mike zimmer

The Dallas Cowboys announced defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer on Wednesday.

He replaces Dan Quinn, who is currently the head coach of the Washington Commanders.

Dallas had a strong regular season, but their quarterback play was disproportionately poor.

A lack of fitness, discipline and good defense would be the unit’s downfall after what looked like a decade of defense before September. It ended with a 48-32 wild card loss to the Green Bay Packers and it became increasingly clear that those flaws were exposed and change was a real possibility.


Zimmer’s hiring is a necessary adjustment to turn the Cowboys’ defense into a championship-caliber unit. But speculation that defensive line coach Al Harris could be involved in a coaching staff shakeup has fans worried that Zimmer could do more harm than good. Harris has been with the Cowboys since 2020.

They prevented him from interviewing Quinn’s staff in Washington, where some expected him to land. In the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins and St. Paul’s are among the best teams in the NFL.

After 15 seasons as a cornerback for St. Louis Rams;Harris immediately jumped into the coaching ranks. He started his internship in Miami before spending three seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

There he was promoted from assistant defensive backs coach to defensive backs coach. He also spent a year as a defensive assistant at Florida Atlantic University before coming to Dallas.

The Cowboys are in the process of filling out the defensive backfield, with Quinn bringing Joe Witt to Washington and Aden Durd taking over as the coordinator in Seattle. Zimmer was sitting with chief Mike McCarthy at a news conference at The Star when his phone rang.


How quickly will Mike Zimmer fill out Dallas’ defensive lineup?

During the introductory press conference, his watch rang. Zimmer: “Someone is looking for a job.

Really!”What about Harris? Typically, if a fan base gets too comfortable with a coach’s position, something is either incredibly right or wrong.

Given the players’ love for him and Zimmer’s quick confirmation that he will be joining the staff, fans should be optimistic about both Harris’ defensive and coaching career.

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