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Cowboys: Former All-Pro Eric Kendricks joins 49ers in shocking free agency move

Cowboys: Former All-Pro Eric Kendricks joins 49ers in shocking free agency move


Coaches Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones did that. They acquired their first NFL free agent contract this offseason with the Dallas Cowboys.

Eric Kendricks will be going to them instead of the San Francisco 49ers. He appeared to be signing with Kyle Shanahan’s team, but there was a change of heart that could affect future moves for both teams.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Eric Kendricks apparently preferred playing for Mike Zimmer’s Cowboys. Kendricks then piqued Zimmer’s interest. That’s why when Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy made him an offer, he didn’t turn it down.

And despite the fact that he only needed to sign a one-year deal to join the 49ers. Kendricks is now the first NFL free agent to sign with the Cowboys. Many fans expected the team to sign someone or move a player.

The wait may have been worth it, as the All-Pro linebacker will be leading the defense. The 49ers will continue to search for a defensive specialist. This need is urgent as Dre Greenlaw is recovering from an Achilles injury and it will take some time for him to get back to form.

He was supposed to be reunited with coach Brandon Staley, who also left the Los Angeles Chargers for greener pastures.
Kendricks hopes to find a permanent home where he can compete.

He didn’t have the best year with the Chargers, but his numbers still helped. He had 117 total tackles, 38 of which were assisted. His ability to shut down quarterbacks may have diminished compared to his time with the Minnesota Vikings, but he still had 3.5 sacks last season.


All of this will benefit a team that couldn’t contain Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers offense in an early postseason exit.

Zimmer and the Cowboys could definitely use him in the best way possible. He will now join Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs and Eric Scott Jr. to help the team qualify for the Super Bowl by February.

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