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Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott sues wife for $100 million extortion

Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott sues wife for $100 million extortion

The lawsuit stems from a woman’s 2017 sexual assault allegation against the NFL star.

Dallas Cowboys star Dak Prescott has filed a lawsuit against a woman who claims he has been wrongly accused of sexual assault, according to multiple reports.


Prescott, 30, filed the charges Monday in Collins County, Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News. The filing reportedly states that alleged accusers Bethel T. Zehaie and Yoel T. Zehaie are seeking $100 million in exchange for not filing criminal charges over the alleged 2017 incident.

It included a letter from a lawyer. The alleged accuser’s letter was sent to an email address at Mississippi State University, Prescott’s alma mater, on Jan. 16 before being forwarded to Prescott’s attorney, the Dallas newspaper reported.

According to USA Today and the Dallas Morning News, the woman claimed Prescott sexually assaulted her in the back seat of his car during an encounter in Plano, Texas.

The letter states that the woman “has had to live with this pain and trauma for seven years,” and that the alleged assault has “disrupted her relationship with her fiancé,” and that “future treatment and counseling has been disrupted.”

He said that his daily life had been disrupted to the extent that he needed to do so. As a result of ‘necessity’, according to reports.

According to NBC, an excerpt of the alleged letter reads: “Despite the tragic events, she is willing to waive her criminal charges and release this information to the public in exchange for compensation for the emotional distress she has suffered,” ESPN reported. Ta.

The letter also stated an expiration date for the proposed compromise and concluded with the words, “Response to this formal notification must be received by February 16, 2024,” according to media reports.

It has been reported. ESPN and USA Today report that Prescott’s attorney, Levi G. McCathern, denied that any sexual assault even occurred and accused the anonymous woman in Monday’s lawsuit of trying to damage the NFL star’s reputation.

Prescott’s lawsuit includes claims of libel, defamation, civil extortion, commercial slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy against the woman, NBC said.
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“As the new father of a girl, Mr. Prescott has great compassion for victims of sexual assault,” his attorney told ESPN and the Dallas Morning News in a statement. “He strongly believes that all perpetrators of such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

The statement continued: “To be clear, Mr. Prescott has never engaged in non-consensual sexual activity with anyone.

Lies hurt, especially egregious lies.” We will not allow the defendant and his legal team to profit from this attempt to extort millions of dollars from Mr. Prescott.” According to USA Today, Mr. McCathan’s statement said that Mr.

Prescott will continue to cooperate fully with authorities. He also said that he would.

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