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Dallas Cowboys Projected To Make Shocking Blockbuster Trade For Superstar Pass Rusher

The Dallas Cowboys are going through a lot of changes, especially on defense. The Cowboys will face former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn twice a year with the Washington Commanders for the foreseeable future as the team’s rival hires him as head coach. He also named assistant coach/passing game coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. as Washington’s new defensive coordinator.

Quinn played a key role in improving the Cowboys’ defense, which gave up 29.6 points per game in 2020.

During his time as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, the defense ranked in the top 10 in points allowed, ranking fifth entering the 2023 season. The Cowboys were also fifth in total yards allowed and tied for 12th in turnovers.

He was named Assistant Coach of the Year by The Associated Press in 2021.


“I want to thank Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Coach Mike McCarthy, and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization for the past three seasons,” Dan Quinn said. “The players, coaching staff, and everyone across the organization became family in such a short time.

We have a great task ahead of us, but the ownership group, Adam, and I are lockstep in putting in the work to achieve our goal: consistently competing for Super Bowls year in and year out.”

With several Cowboys set to test free agency, it’s possible they may see some of their ex-teammates — Dante Fowler Jr., in particular — standing on the Commanders’ sideline with Quinn. Fowler has a deep connection with Quinn. He coached at Florida and then played for the Atlanta Falcons. Quinn eventually brought Fowler to the Cowboys, where he had 10 sacks in two seasons.

Appealing to the commander only makes sense for Fowler. He’s clearly a preferred personnel candidate, and Dallas’ next coordinator may not think highly of him. That being said, the Jones family is the true constant in their recruiting and Fowler has been a solid addition.

Dallas Cowboys Projected To Trade For Joey Bosa In Blockbuster Move

Whether Fowler leaves or stays, the Cowboys would benefit greatly from another elite pass rusher that can break free when Micah Parsons commands double-teams or is the focus to block for the opposing offense. Dallas has a talented pass-rusher group spearheaded by Parsons, but Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine thinks they need to elevate the group further with Bosa.

“Looking across the league at who could legitimately be available, Joey Bosa would make a lot of sense as a target… [The Chargers] would clear $14.4 million in cap space and probably pick up a first-rounder to replace him in the process of trading him. Acquiring him is the kind of risk the Cowboys may have to take to join the elite echelon of the NFC,” Ballentine wrote on February 7. Much of the risk rests on Joey Bosa’s health. He has had more injury issues than he has had in the NFL. But when he gets on the field, he’s still an elite sack producer. Trading a first-round pick would be a significant investment, and that doesn’t mean the Dallas Cowboys don’t have cap space issues. But Bosa would give them two (potentially) elite pass rushers, which is something worth considering. The 28-year-old has appeared in only 14 games over the past two years, but he has nine sacks in that span. There is no doubt that Bosa could still leave. However, Los Angeles must consider the situation, including how much money it has spent on frequently injured players.

It seems expensive. Dallas can restructure the deal after the deal by spreading these costs out over several years. The Cowboys could lower their cap hit to $10-12 million per season, which would be much more reasonable. You can also extend your contract to ensure long-term service. But hitching a wagon to an injury-prone player who turns 29 in the 2024 season might be too much.

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