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The Lions Coach Dan Campbell Revealed his top goal as he prepares for the 49ers

Jan 24, 2024 #49ers, #Dan Campbell

We can turn the page on the NFC Championship. The Detroit Lions were the most consistent team in the conference after the San Francisco 49ers during the regular season, so it’s fitting that these two teams represent the NFC with a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Lions coach Dan Campbell took to the podium and praised Kyle Shanahan for being one of the best offensive minds in the NFL. When asked where Detroit will focus their attention this week, Campbell interrupted the reporter before they could finish the question:

Stop running. You have to stop the flight. Because if you don’t, they’ll charge you 250 points, and they won’t even care if you show up. Everything has to start there.

Shanahan is doing an incredible job. It will edit a page and make you overreact. Then he counterattacks, makes a pass and works in midfield. You see, you have your hands full on both counts. [Brock] Purdy does a hell of a job. They throw a lot of daggers in the middle of the field and he does a great job of touch, timing and pace.


But we have to stop this running game. We have to start there. You need to make this team as one-dimensional as possible. And it’s not easy.

He wasn’t far enough along in his preparation against the Lions’ defense at that point, but I asked Shanahan on Monday if he thought Detroit’s defense was better than his numbers suggested. Kyle thought that was the case with Green Bay’s defense, and he was right. Here is his response:

“I’ll see more as the week goes on, but I guess.” We’re just starting to deal with it. So I’m not far from them yet, but I think they look like a top defense. The numbers don’t always show it, but if you look at it from afar you can see they are running and playing.

They know some of their players that we’ve played with in the past or who just graduated. Any time you combine a deal like this with a really good offense like they did, the defense in this case is always much better, even if the numbers don’t show it. We’ll be working on this here all week. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up feeling the same way.

Today, Campbell talks about his defense and what makes it good:

“We are disruptive. We are aggressive. And we struck. I think that must be our reason for being. These are the principles. We may be affected by a number of things. I know I’m willing to give up something to get something. Things can happen, but it’s not a problem because when the fourth quarter comes, it will pay dividends. I think that’s what we do.

It’s a salty bunch. They play hard. They’re pretty solid. And we are competitive. I think AG [defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn] did a great job mixing things up. We are sufficiently protected against pressure. We’re starting to discover some of our best pressure players. I think you can see our confidence is increasing. It’s really increased in the last six weeks.

We are currently on the rise. We recently got two takeaways, which is huge. This must continue for us.

It’s not often you hear a coach say he’s OK with allowing plays even though he knows he’ll have a rally at some point to make up for lost time.

The Lions ranked ninth in interceptions per drive during the regular season, so last week was no exception. But on the other hand, they have allowed the seventh most points and touchdowns per drive.

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