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Darren England did Liverpool a huge favor with his VAR duties and it angered Pep Guardiola

Oct 16, 2023 #Anfield, #Pep Guardiola

Today marks a year since Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 at Anfield in the Premier League, with Darren England’s VAR once again playing a major role.

Anfield, 16 October 2022. At 16:30 the early autumn evenings begin.

Liverpool are going by miles, having managed just twice in nine Premier League games before, but when unbeaten Manchester City come to town, the stadium just lights up.

Today marks a year since Liverpool beat City 1-0 at home in the Premier League.

Mohamed Salah won the game and interestingly VAR Darren England played an integral role in the game.

The result didn’t exactly breathe new life into the Reds’ campaign – after all, they were left out of the Champions League places.

At least it showed a willingness to fight for results against the best.

In the end, it will not be remembered as one great man against City, but will be in the history books for how chaotic events generally turned out to be.


A quiet first half, which the hosts deliberately kept it that way, set the stage for a successful second half. The first big drama was an away goal.

Phil Foden’s close celebration was ruined, all thanks to the intervention of England’s video assistant referee, who was of course at the center of controversy over Luis Diaz’s goal at Tottenham Hotspur last month.

Anthony Taylor let the game flow before VAR told him to gather on the edge of the pitch to watch and discuss the goal.

There, Erling Haaland was found to have faulted Fabinho in the lineup.

No one knew that the man who was Liverpool 2022/23. the main catalyst for one of the outstanding results of the year, a year later produces such a VAR error that PGMOL is forced to make a statement and do so. to release audio recordings of the referees to atone for their mistake.

But 12 months ago, the opposition exploded in England. Pep Guardiola was furious on the touchline as he watched Taylor walk towards the screen.

The home crowd reacted in turn, with the City boss reportedly shouting back “This is Anfield” in frustration.

Bernardo Silva, the man who capitalized on Fabinho’s illegal possession to start Foden’s strike, also criticized England and other officials, but more on that man later.

Guardiola’s ardor further enlivened matters as Liverpool stormed to the top and Salah scored an own goal.

Assisted by Alisson Becker, played straight from his own box, the Egyptian turned and left Joao Cancelo on the cover and slotted the ball past Ederson into the Kop. Anfield erupted as a result.

The final turning point in the story was the sending off of Jürgen Klopp for aggressive behavior towards the officials.

England had no part in it, as Taylor immediately waved a red card in Germany’s direction for reacting to Silva’s tackle on Salah in the closing minutes.

In short, what the competition lacked in goals, it made up for tenfold in drama – centered on Liverpool and England VAR.

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