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Dave Merritt Gives a Brutal Assessment of the 49ers Offense.

Dave merritt, a chiefs defensive back, was hired by the 49ers to serve as their defensive coordinator.


Something tells me he won’t get the job. Merritt recently conducted an interview in which he discussed the coach he could possibly replace as the 49ers defensive coordinator, steve wilks, as well as the 49ers’ offensive play in the super bowl. “wilks are seeing this as a blessing,” merritt said.

I understand they want to go in a different direction, but that’s not the case if you want to base it solely on the super bowl, and we all know it. If a marriage isn’t going well, there’s always something wrong with it.

It doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you want to talk about the game, the offense went 3 for 12 on third down. Our offense went 9 for 19 in the game. Is wilks’ fault if your offense is going 3 for 12 on third down? Is wilks’ fault if your all pro, (george) kittle, only has four yards? You can feed (christian) mccaffrey as you please, but he needs assistance.

And then there’s no. 11, who was attempting to play all game, ako or whatever (brandon aiyuk), only had 40 yards. Was wilks’s negligence? Before this all went wrong, something was going on.” I’d like to think that during merritt’s interview with the 49ers, he defended wilks and eviscerated shanahan for his terrible offense in the super bowl.

I’d like to think merritt was as brutally honest to the 49ers as he was on the radio, and that the 49ers listened to him and took his criticisms into consideration. Despite that, they’re unlikely to hire him. Can you imagine what kittle and aiyuk must think of him right now?

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