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Eagles fans will be thrilled to hear Nick Saban’s Quinian Mitchell story

Apr 26, 2024 #NFL, #Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles may have thought they hit the jackpot Thursday night when the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft began. The Eagles are ranked No. 22 and are projected to try to move up to secure top defensive talent. to look LIFE Golf |. Round 1 Adelaide Club 54 – LIV Golf After Tour Show |Caffeine content 129.3K

Philadelphia was patient and it paid off with the top cornerback in the draft and the 22nd overall pick in Toledo’s Quinny Mitchell.

Mitchell is projected to be a first-round pick in most mock drafts and is projected to go higher. The offense early in the draft cost many teams valuable picks in the late first round, including the Phillies, who had Mitchell. However, some weren’t happy with the choice when Mitchell chose to stay at Toledo for four years instead of playing college football at a Power 5 school. Major league coaches know Mitchell and have followed him, including legendary Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Saban, now retired, sat at his desk during ABC’s coverage Thursday and said he tried to lure Mitchell to Bama before the 2023 season.”Last year, he was our No. 1 guy in the gate, and we tried to get him out of the gate, but he never got into the gate,” Saban said of Mike Rodak.

X fans were quick to accuse Saban of manipulation, but regardless of the fouls or penalties that may never happen, Saban’s comments should be a breath of fresh air for Eagles fans.Not only did Mitchell get accepted to a top school, maybe even a top school, but he stayed loyal and decided to stick with the program that got him there.

It’s not every year that a team can sit back and wait for an emergency player to land on their hands. The Eagles’ patience paid off and they had arguably the best player at the time who fit the scheme perfectly.

Mitchell primarily played zone defense in college, but has the speed and pedigree to excel in man coverage. It’s unclear what Philadelphia’s immediate plans are for Mitchell, but he’s sure to get plenty of playing time as a rookie after torching the Eagles’ secondary last season.

The Eagles allowed the second-most passing yards in 2023, and opposing teams can try to do that again in 2024. Speed that should reduce the chance of giving up big plays.Mitchell’s numbers speak for themselves. He didn’t throw a touchdown in more than 400 snaps last season and led the FBS with 15 interceptions, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He had 52 touchdown passes during his college career and six interceptions over the past two seasons.

The eagle’s team held the player on the shoulder, but the player proved that he was wrong. Michel spoke vigorously about respect from five players from 5 players from Power 5 schools. If he can parlay his success story into a solid NFL career, it could encourage more college players to stick to their roots and try to bring more lesser-known schools into the national spotlight.

But for Quinion Mitchell, it needs to happen on the field. He may have the perfect environment in Philadelphia to do so.

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