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Eagles May Trade for $18 Million Playmaking Quarterback, Says Ex-NFL GM

Rumors are circulating that the Philadelphia Eagles may consider trading for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. KOA Colorado’s Benjamin Allbright believes the Eagles could be a top choice for Fields due to the limited trade market available for him.


Allbright mentioned in a message on X on March 11, 2024, that it wouldn’t be surprising if Fields ends up as a backup for the Colts or Eagles. He noted that many teams rumored to be interested were not actually in the running, and the market for Fields has been slim as the Bears have been shopping him around for a few weeks.

Former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi also brought up Philadelphia as a possible trade option for Fields. With the Bears holding the No. 1 pick, they may be looking to part ways with Fields in the near future.

Lombardi mentioned on a March 7 episode of “The GM Shuffle” podcast that there doesn’t seem to be much momentum for a trade involving Fields. Despite a video causing speculation of Atlanta’s involvement, Lombardi couldn’t find a team interested after speaking with people at the Combine.

He suggested that the Eagles should trade for Fields, as he believes Fields could perform well behind Hurts in a six-back offense.

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