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Eagles vs. Cardinals player matches to watch in Week 17

The Eagles (11-4) will host the Cardinals (3-12) at Lincoln Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Here are some key plays to watch: Eagles pass rush to Kyler Murray’s legs

The Cardinals’ offense was weak, but that was only part of the reason for Murray’s loss. Murray is very fast and has the ability to evade runners chasing him. The Cardinals have 40 sacks this year, good for 11th in the NFL. Murray was sacked 16 times in 6 games and ranked 22nd in the NFL with a 7.2% sack rate. But the problem is, if Murray doesn’t change, he will be eliminated even more.

Murray is still dating. While he hasn’t been wild since returning from ACL surgery, he’s averaging 31.2 yards per attempt. “He does a good job at corner,” said Matt Patricia, the Eagles’ de facto DC. “He controls angles on the court and that’s where you can see his other athleticisms come into play. He works well and helps you. It will go away and it will be very loud and then you will start to wake up and suddenly it will disappear. He moved quickly when he fell.


“The most exciting thing I’ve noticed since he came into the league is that he’s going to be full speed now. As if there was no buildup to this. He doesn’t have to run five yards before running at top speed. He could just leave. I think what surprises everyone is how fast he moves and how quickly he can reach top speed. Then, of course, we should start from there.”

Eagles linebacker vs. Trey McBride

The Cardinals released Zach Ertz earlier this season, but they have a really talented young tight end in McBride. The 2022 second-round pick out of Colorado State had a quiet rookie season, but his sophomore year has taken off. He actually leads the Cardinals in receptions and receiving yards, which is good for him, but it doesn’t bode well for the team.
McBride has 72 catches for 743 yards and two touchdowns this season. The Eagles should have healthier linebackers this week after Nicholas Morrow and Zach Cunningham returned to practice this week. There’s no guarantee that both will play, but having at least one of them back would be a huge help.
The Eagles have been a middling defense in tough games this year. They have given up 76/766/6 to opposing tight ends, which ranks 20th in the NFL.


Other than McBride, the Cardinals don’t have many pass catchers that might surprise you. They have undersized men like Hollywood Brown, Rondale Moore, and Greg Dortch. Their top target is Michal Wilson, who hasn’t caught a pass since Nov. 12. Brown is their best receiver, but he hasn’t been caught in the last two games. Brown was 8-for-78 and scored a touchdown against the Eagles in 2022 as the Eagles won 20-17 in October.

Eagles Run Defense Vs. james corner

The Eagles have had some tackling issues this season, and Conner is a big 6-foot-1, 233-pound defensive back who can handle some of the tackles. It takes a team tackle at times to beat the 28-year-old, who is averaging 4.9 yards per attempt this season. He finished with 762 yards and five touchdowns in 11 games.
When these two teams played last year, Conner had nine carries for 55 yards.

D’Andre Swift vs. Poor Cardinals Defense

The Cardinals have the worst defense in the NFL. Here are the rankings for some key categories:

Points: 31st

Yards: 27

Passage: 12th

Rush: 32nd

Jonathan Gannon’s unit is giving up 4.7 yards per rushing attempt and has given up at least 110 yards in 13 of 15 games. He allows 147 yards per game, worst in the NFL.
Meanwhile, Swift is out of the big game. He had 20 carries for 92 yards and a touchdown against the Giants. Not only was it his best day since Week 3, he carried the entire distance when the Giants knew it was coming. They still couldn’t stop it. This could be a big match for number 0.

Jalen Hurts vs. Budda Baker

Simply put, this isn’t the Cardinals’ defensive talent. The person you really need to worry about is security Budda Baker. He was the first guy head coach Nick Sirianni and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson said when asked about the Cardinals’ defense this week.

Baker, 27, missed some friendlies but is healthy now. The five-time Pro Bowler is the top of player Hurts will have to find before every snap. He’s playing well but the stats aren’t there for Baker this season. He has no interceptions or passes defensed in his 10 starts. Nick Sirianni vs. Jonathan Gannon Without bringing up the drama of this past offseason, there’s still plenty of familiarity between Sirianni and Gannon.

They coached together in Indianapolis and the past two seasons in Philadelphia, where Gannon served as Sirianni’s defensive coordinator. “Remember, he knows us too, right?” said Sirianni. “I just want to say, they did a good job with their ideas and things like that. I learned early. Obviously you come here and you have to solve the problems of the latest action, and now we’re here. The early research is in Arizona.”

“They’re doing some good things scheme-wise. They’ve got some good guys in place there. Budda Baker is a really, really good player. So, there is a, ‘hey, we know this in this scenario.’ Jonathan knows some of the things we know, and we know some of the things he knows about us. There is going to be a little bit about that. You can’t imagine this. You have to take this into account, but don’t let it determine all your bad behavior.

“But there’s a lot of experience on both sides and I think it’s almost like this; there’s a lot of different levels of players, but it’s almost like a competitive game because the two The Eagles are not going to be a completely different team in the future. This game, but with a coach like this Confrontation would require a call for change from some, or the idea of an explosion from others. Of course, Gannon probably felt the same way.

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