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ESPN analyst reveals factors the San Francisco 49ers should watch out for in the game against Packers

The Green Bay Packers are clearly the underdogs against the San Francisco 49ers. However, they are not without a fighting chance.

Although it will be difficult for the Packers to win against the best team in the NFC in the 2023 season, it is not an impossible mission.

After all, they already proved against the Dallas Cowboys that regular season records don’t matter in the playoffs.
Of course, being compared to the Cowboys is disrespectful to the 49ers.

They’re just in different leagues. However, if the Packers want to defeat Kyle Shanahan’s men, they will have to bring to the table some of the formulas they used to embarrass Dallas: Jordan Love and Defense.

ESPN analyst and reporter Seth Walder shared this in their recent preview of 49ers vs. Packers game, noting that another master class in love should give the Green Bay franchise a chance to win.

“The Packers could win, and it starts with love, not just because he’s the quarterback, but because of the type of quarterback he’s evolved into over the course of the campaign.

From Week 10 through the end of the regular season, Love finished second in QBR. The only signalman before him? Dak Prescott, who just beat Love in the wild card round,” Walder wrote.

The other important factor is obviously defense. The Packers were below average on defense during the regular season, and even though they took a big step forward in the Wild Card round, there’s still a chance they could go back to the old days.

However, as Walder pointed out, Green Bay’s defense will have to be perfect on Saturday if they want to pull off another upset – although it will be a bit more difficult given Kingsley Enagbare’s recent injury.

Seth Walder

“Defensively, this is still a talented group, even though the Packers have been disappointing all season. Could the Packers go all out in their biggest game of the season? It remains possible.

Turnovers, lucky rebounds and great play from their defense will likely all be needed for the Packers to pull off this upset. But it can happen,” Walder added.

Aaron Jones has confidence in the Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers.

Although many see the Green Bay Packers losing to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round, the rest of the team is not discouraged.

In fact, after beating the Dallas Cowboys and winning four games in a row, they are full of confidence.

Running back Aaron Jones spoke about the team’s ability to overcome leaders and shared his belief that they have the “weapons” to beat any team.

“We believe in each other. We trust each other. We know we have every weapon in the building and in this room, however you want to say it, we have every weapon we need on this team.

People can continue to doubt us. It is very good. We love the underdog mentality. We like the underdog approach. What will people say next, you know?

We’re excited to see that,” Jones shared. If the Packers can repeat their Wild Card success and remain perfect on both sides of the ball, there’s no telling what they can do against the 49ers.

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