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GM John Lynch: The 49ers plan to have Trent Williams, one of their key players, on the field early in the regular-season finale against the Rams

General Manager John Lynch shared this information during an interview on “Murph & Markus” on KNBR 680.

Despite the team resting numerous starters after securing the top playoff seed in the NFC, Lynch disclosed that All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams is expected to participate in the game at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday.

Lynch expressed the team’s intention to have Trent Williams on the field early in the upcoming game, highlighting Williams’ agreement with the plan.

According to Lynch, Williams, who is in excellent health, has demonstrated remarkable performance.

The general manager emphasized that Williams trusts the coaching staff, led by Kyle Shanahan, to strategically position him and his teammates for optimal success.

Lynch emphasized the collaborative effort between Williams and the coaching staff in ensuring the players are placed in the most advantageous positions on the field.

Earlier in the season, Williams faced setbacks, sitting out two games due to a high ankle sprain.

Additionally, he encountered a minor groin injury in San Francisco’s Week 16 defeat against the Baltimore Ravens. Approaching the upcoming weekend, Williams has recovered from these ailments.

Despite being 35 years old, he maintains an impressive level of performance, finding enjoyment in the game.

This sentiment is particularly evident following a compelling victory against his former teammates from the Washington Commanders.

Lynch expressed satisfaction with Trent Williams’ current state of well-being, emphasizing the enjoyment derived from observing his performance, particularly during the Washington game.

Playing against a former team adds an extra element of motivation, and Lynch appreciates the joy that Williams brings to the field.

Reflecting on the victory against Arizona, Lynch highlighted the camaraderie in the locker room, with Williams displaying genuine enthusiasm for the game.

Lynch finds it remarkable to witness this level of passion, noting that sometimes, veteran players may not connect as closely with their teammates.

In contrast, Williams seamlessly integrates as “one of the guys,” showcasing a genuine love for playing football, a quality that resonates positively with Lynch.

Lynch acknowledges Trent Williams as an exceptional player, expressing reluctance to delve into Hall of Fame discussions as predictions are uncertain.

However, Lynch encourages everyone to recognize Williams’ greatness, asserting that he is destined for Canton.

Despite not wanting to predict Hall of Fame inductions, Lynch believes Williams’ talent and career trajectory make him that caliber of a player.

Reflecting on Williams’ current stage in his career, Lynch marvels at the sustained high level of play and the infectious excitement he brings to the game.

Lynch emphasizes the significance of not only maintaining skills and fitness but also preserving a deep passion for football, a quality he observes vividly in Williams.

Williams’ combination of talent, dedication, and enthusiasm makes him stand out, with Lynch urging everyone to appreciate the rarity of such a player in the league.

Despite the team’s desire to rest key players on Sunday, there’s a practical constraint as they need to have 48 active players on game day.

This means that a few star players will be in uniform but might not actually participate in the game.

While the 49ers aim to give starters a break, the necessity to meet the active player requirement introduces a challenge, leading to some star players being on the sidelines without taking part in the game.

Williams is expected to take part in the game with restricted playing time initially, after which he will observe the rest of the match from the sideline.

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