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Here’s why Kylie Kelce won’t wear any NFL gear but the Eagles

Kylie Kelce has been an Eagles fan since she met her husband. She grew up in Delaware County as a Bird fan and is married to Jason Kelce, who spent his entire career in Philadelphia with the Eagles. Kelly and Jason have been in the stands supporting their brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, during the Chief’s run to the Super Bowl. Jason was wearing Chiefs uniforms, hats and other merchandise, but Kelly was not. She wore a red New Highland jersey in the Chiefs’ divisional game against the Bills and a red Cincinnati Bearcats jersey in the AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl.

Jason revealed in the latest episode of “New Heights” that Kelly is a true Philly who refuses to wear another NFL team’s uniforms — even if it’s for her family.”Kelly got some love from Philly fans for refusing to wear Chiefs gear despite her personal relationship,” Jason said. “She wouldn’t do that. … I tried to tell her, ‘Listen Kelly, we have a family playing.’ It’s okay to cheer for this team. They don’t play the Eagles. ‘ She simply refused to do it. “

Philadelphia fans love her even more because of her commitment to the Eagles. Kelly didn’t go to school in Cincinnati like Jason and Travis. She played field hockey at Cabrini University. Travis joked that she would have no problem wearing another university’s uniform.But regardless, Travis fully supports Kelly’s decision not to wear Chiefs gear during the playoffs. “You don’t talk to me like a bird fan,” Travis said. “I respect that Ki. I even appreciate you wearing red. You can wear something neutral to show your support. Your presence is enough for me. “

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