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“I’m being treated like a king!” Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jason Hatcher on “America’s Team”

Nov 9, 2023 #Jason Hatcher

“I’m being treated like a king!” Former Dallas Cowboys Jason Hatcher on “America’s Team” – “The gift that keeps on giving!”

The Dallas Cowboys have had several challengers for the title of “America’s Team” over the years, but none have actually been able to dethrone them.

No matter what happens on the field, the Cowboys have always dominated his NFL-wide media coverage.

The coverage was often scathing and the speakers never missed an opportunity to say something bad about the Cowboys, yet the Cowboys continue to be the most talked about team year after year.


Perhaps no one feels the impact of the Cowboys’ popularity more than the players. Although this level of attention isn’t for everyone, many players enjoy the spotlight that comes with playing in Dallas.

One such player is former Cowboys defensive lineman Jason Hatcher, who spoke about Dallas’ status as “America’s Team” on Outkick’s Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich.

“It’s a proven thing right now,” Hatcher said. “… You got to understand, playing for the Dallas Cowboys, I call it the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve been retired seven, eight years now. I’m still treated like a king. I go all over the place. I am treated well. people need to understand that.

When asked if the Cowboys’ popularity has waned due to the nearly 30-year Super Bowl drought, Hatcher remained true to his beliefs.

“Win or lose, it’s the most watched organization on television. Beyond that, Jerry Jones is doing what he does, including revenue sharing, for football and for the owners. .” You got to crown the king when it’s time to crown the king. We’ll always be ‘America’s Team.’”


Hatcher played for the Cowboys from 2006 to 2013, and while he was a strong rotational player throughout that time, he rose to a Pro Bowl level for his final season in Dallas.

The Grambling State product had a team-high 11 sacks in 2013 to go along with 15 tackles for loss and two forced fumbles.

He would then cash in on a four-year deal with the Washington Commanders franchise, but he only played two seasons in D.C. before hanging up his cleats.

Even though he’s been away from the Cowboys for a decade now, Hatcher is still seeing the effects of playing for football’s most popular team.

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