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“Is Dak Prescott’s Changing Attitude Cause for Concern Among Fans?”

Cowboys Nation has been confused by this offseason. Even though it seems like a broken record right now, it bears repeating because the team’s efforts to improve have been so minimal since the season concluded.

Even though we may not be aware of it, the cause and impact of this offensive strategy have already started in what many consider to be a crucial year.

The most recent instance may be seen in Dak Prescott’s remarks from Friday afternoon.

Prescott, who was present at the “A Knight to Remember” Gala, had an attitude and tone that ought to cause the fans’ neighbors to get alarmed.

Dak Prescott is speaking aloud the silent thing. Prescott has never once faltered in his will to pursue his goals and his future.


Never imagined himself wearing anything other than the star helmet. But on Friday night, perhaps for the first time ever in public, Dak talked about the here and now, less about the team’s future, and even mentioned his plans to leave Dallas.

For those who have been paying attention, that should raise some eyebrows because it is somewhat worrying.

Prescott begins, “I’m not going to say I fear being here or not.” I’m not afraid either to be really honest with you.

I adore this game, and I enjoy playing it to develop both as a player and for my teammates—right now, that’s the Dallas Cowboys. The main focus is on where I want to be and where I am. After the season, we’ll assess our current situation and decide whether to pursue it further.

If not, we’ll move on to other things. The most basic yet significant shift in the Cowboys and Dak equation is the acceptance of the “if not.” With contract negotiations imminent, we can now allow for the possibility that Dak is using hardball tactics.

Given his complete leverage in this situation, it’s possible that he may use the media to test the waters on.

understandBut one would ask what’s really being discussed behind closed doors during this whole thing.

Though there isn’t a contract and it doesn’t appear like any movement is being made, Stephen and Jerry Jones have made it very evident, at least in public, that Dak is their man.

Could that be the unspoken reality behind all of this?

Could they really go into a scenario where a top-10 quarterback, who had the best statistical season of his career, gets benched in favor of the unpredictability and unknown that an outside quarterback brings?

For Trey Lance, is it? An amateur? This is a team that, with players like Micah Parsons, Trevon, and CeeDee Lamb, was meant to be in a win-now window.


Diggs is either contracted or anticipated to be. How can this fan base, or even the front office, embrace any kind of rebuild?

Get over the hurdle by continuing to swing the ax; this seems like what a squad that is driven to succeed would do. Rather, we argue over the merits of a quarterback that around twenty-five NFL teams would grab in a heartbeat for months on end.

It’s frustrating, as if this offseason has been all along. If any fan was old enough to remember the Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson era, they shouldn’t be pining for door number two or those who are aware of how difficult it is to locate a reliable quarterback on whom to base a team.

It appears like a post-Dak world is closer than ever, and that is frightening to say the least. The thought that it all comes so readily is devoid of logic and understanding.

The team’s atmosphere has shifted, and tension and anxiety are present. There are even games being played that have made the quarterback scratch his head a little. He has started talking openly about life after Dallas as a result. The Cowboys seem to have lost much more than simply a wild card.

That game against the Packers in January, it seems as though this club has lost its direction. Hopefully, they don’t lose their quarterback as a result.

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