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Jalen Hurts addresses AJ Brown’s misfortune after win.

Despite it being the holiday season and the team’s three-game losing streak entering Week 16, there is still clear discontent in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room.

One player who wasn’t at all happy about Monday’s win was wide receiver A.J. Brown refused to be interviewed by the media because he had nothing to say.

Close teammate and quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked about Brown’s current state of mind on Wednesday as the team deals with some issues.

Hurts told the media he wasn’t sure why Brown was upset after the win over the New York Giants. The quarterback noted that the star receiver has “standards” for himself and the people in the locker room, so that might be the reason for his silence. He b

Fans know that Brown is not the type of person to let things go his way for as long as possible. He and Hurts were seen chatting on the field earlier this season, showing that he’s not afraid to talk to anyone on the team. It wouldn’t be surprising if the officials were disappointed with Philadelphia’s performance in Week 16.

What should have been an easy break turned into a legitimate upset as the Eagles got the lowly Giants back into the game. While Genius WR has not spoken publicly about this issue, hopefully he can resolve his grievances with stakeholders behind closed doors.

After all, this group doesn’t need drama to make headlines right now, so Brown would be wise to voice his thoughts directly to attendees. Hopefully Hurts, Brown and the coaches can build momentum from the win in New York. In the final moments when this team is fighting for the No. 1 spot. 1 seed in the NFC, everyone must be on the same page.

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