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Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys is considering hiring coach Bill Belichick.

Jerry Jones Of Dallas Cowboys Contemplates Hiring Coach Bill Belichick

As the Dallas Cowboys reel from an embarrassing first-round playoff exit, owner Jerry Jones has expressed interest in a new direction for the team”s coaching staff.


Jones recently made headlines with an unexpected statement about Belichick, a statement he made less than two weeks after a show of support for current head coach Mike McCarthy.

Jones stated explicitly that McCarthy would return for a fifth season, despite the team’s dismal playoff performance.

Jones referred to Belichick as someone he “knows personally” and “likes,” proclaiming that they could “work together” without a doubt on Tuesday. “I know him personally and I like him,” Jones said of Belichick on Tuesday, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports.

“There is no doubt that we can work together. doesn’t exist. doesn’t exist.”
Belichick has an impressive professional record, including winning six Super Bowl titles.

Jones is well aware of these accomplishments and knows that bringing in Belichick doesn’t necessarily guarantee a Super Bowl win.

But Jones also knows that few people have been as successful in this field as Belichick. “We all know he’s obviously an outstanding person, probably at the top of his profession,” Jones said. “It’s absurd to say that one person automatically guarantees a Super Bowl.


For him, this is too high an expectation. But can he become the greatest professional football coach of all time? That might be possible.” “He’s my friend, I like him, and I want to make it clear that I have no problem working with him.”

The potential Jones-Belichick pairing isn’t one-sided. Belichick has often spoken of his admiration for the Jones family.

He praised Jerry and Stephen Jones for the organization they have built and the talent they have assembled.

Despite the mutual respect, Belichick remains employable. There are no confirmed teams vying for Belichick, but the experienced coach is an attractive prospect for any professional football team.

There are rumors that Jones won’t hand over control to an experienced coach like Belichick, but Jones hasn’t dismissed the possibility.

Instead of denying the rumors on Tuesday, he made the situation even worse by sparking further speculation.

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