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John Elway bold prediction about Kyle Shanahan

The 2023 NFL season has officially ended with the Kansas City Chiefs crowned Super Bowl champions.

It was an exciting day for the Chiefs, but it was also a difficult day for the San Francisco 49ers.

They boast an elite defense and offense and have been praised as the best team in the NFL all season.

Despite all the talk around it, the 49ers haven’t won any big games.

Now, they are in the offseason like every other team in the league, hoping to put the right pieces together to get the job done in 2024.

There are several roster questions the 49ers will need to answer before next season, but the team can feel confident that they will be moving forward with Kyle Shanahan as their head coach once again.

When looking ahead to the next few seasons, many people are confident in Shanahan’s role as head coach, including John Elway.


According to Elway via The Adam Schefter Podcast, “Kyle Shanahan’s going to win a World Championship at some time.”

Despite falling in the Super Bowl twice as a head coach, Elway believes Shanahan has the necessary skills to close this game out at some point in his career.

Shanahan is often touted as one of the best, if not the best coach in the NFL. Many of his assistants and coordinators have gone on to head coaching positions, which proves what kind of teacher and leader he is.

If he can figure out what’s on his mind and best communicate it to his players, there’s no telling what the sky’s the limit for this team.

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