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Jon Feliciano of the 49ers responds to the intense confrontation with Jalen Carter of the Eagles.

49ers’ Jon Feliciano Reacts to Heated Exchange With Eagles’ Jalen Carter

heated exchange between San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Jon Feliciano and Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter has spiraled out of control on social media.


The two players trash-talked during their Week 13 regular season game, which resurfaced after the Super Bowl on Tuesday.

It started when Feliciano called out teammate Spencer Burford for a missed block in overtime via social media though the veteran lineman apologized.

Carter decided that was the time to rehash his encounter with Feliciano from Week 13 — an exchange that escalated to death threats.

The Eagles rookie wrote “same dude who spoke on my dead teammate and the reason I was emotional during our game” in his Instagram post.

Carter’s college teammate, Devin Willock, died in a car accident in January 2023 while Carter was racing with Georgia football team member Chandler LeCroy after the national championship game.

The accident resulted in the deaths of Willock and LeCroy. Feliciano responded to Carter on social media and said Carter had threatened him and his children and that he reported it to the NFL.

According to Feliciano’s post, the threat included: “He will kill me and my children will never see me again.” “He continued to post information about my acquaintances and contact my friends for several weeks,” Feliciano added.

It is not yet known whether the NFL will take action. Although abusive language does occur in-game, its content, severity, and impact on social media may be worthy of the league’s attention.

Since the 49ers and Eagles won’t play in the 2024 regular season, Feliciano and Carter might not play against each other next season either. The two could meet in the playoffs, but Feliciano, a free agent, could sign elsewhere.

Additionally, the fact that Feliciano publicly called out his teammate’s mistake after the biggest game of the season, despite the apology, may cause concern for the 49ers.

Feliciano admitted he scoffed at Carter’s penalty during a Week 13 game, and the Eagles rookie responded.

But Feliciano escalated his accusations against Carter on social media. “If you serve, you should be able to receive it.

He talked about my kids and I mentioned it. I also lost a friend in an accident, so I understand why he was upset.

I felt bad for him to apologize until he posted something about my kids on Instagram and then we had to get the NFL involved,” Feliciano wrote.


Feliciano also posted additional screenshots and messages of himself with his children in the “X” post. “The NFL has all the receipts. But I’m missing it all. I wish him the best. I take my responsibility,” Feliciano wrote.

Burford had to take the field after Felicianio was injured during the Super Bowl. Burford, a two-year starter on offense, admitted he made an error on the play that resulted in Brock Purdy’s missed pass to Jauan Jennings to set up a field goal in overtime for the 49ers.

“I should have just played the game,” Burford told NBC Sports Bay Area on Tuesday. He said, “I played instinctively.

It was my fault. I don’t want anyone to blame Colton (McKiewitz) if anything happens to him. “Don’t blame him.”

Burford said he accepted Feliciano’s apology.

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