Jordan sees Piastri as a possible world champion in the near future.

Jordan sees Piastri as a short-term world champion Eddie Jordan praises Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes after the British Grand Prix.


The former racing team boss celebrated a great day for British racing fans at Silverstone.

Speaking to the Formula Success podcast after the weekend, Jordan praised Oscar Piastri’s performance despite McLaren’s mistakes over the weekend.

Jordan initially admired Hamilton’s success. “I don’t think Max [Verstappen] can overtake Lewis [Hamilton].

But it was a good game. Everyone was impressed. “I think it’s a great day for British Formula 1 fans,” Jordan said.

Soon I will be world champion. We know the obstacles on the track in Austria and you will encounter different situations all the time.

So the experience he had this time was that he had to go around on slick tires without being able to drive, which is very uncomfortable because you have to keep the car on the road.

” said Jordan. The Australian is yet to win the F1 title. He won the sprint race in Qatar in 2023 and finished second on the podium in Monaco and Austria this season.

Still, he believes Piastri will only benefit from it. “I have to tell you, I think you learned a lot from it. Of course, you learn from McLaren and you learn from Lando Norris.

Looking ahead, I am sure that he will be world champion in no time. He has everything I think to be world champion and now he has a lot of experience and confidence with that team.

“I have no doubt that he will be one of the future kings of our game,” Jordan added.

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