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Just in: ESPN Drops New Update on Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Contract Talks

The Dallas Cowboys are heading into a critical offseason, and one of the key factors is quarterback Dak Prescott’s next contract. Dallas has played with Prescott for the past eight seasons, but a big decision has to be made regarding Prescott’s future and the future of the team.

With just one year remaining on his current contract, the Cowboys are potentially at a crossroads. An extension seems like the more likely option, but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on Sportscenter on February 24 that serious negotiations have not yet begun. “I’m told there have been no substantive discussions between Dallas and Dak Prescott,” Fowler said. “They haven’t discussed numbers. At least they can meet at an NFL stadium next week to confirm where each team stands.”


Prescott is having his best season in the NFL. However, his lack of playoff success and the costly nature of his upcoming contract made this a franchise-defining decision. This is a difficult decision. But Dallas will have to decide what the franchise will look like over the next three to five years. Prescott may be “the guy,” but the Cowboys will hitch the wagon to a player who is 2-5 in the playoffs.

Prescott is entering the final year of his contract.

There are several reasons why Prescott’s expansion would be beneficial. He needs a contract that could set the QB market, but also allow Dallas to alleviate some of the financial burden caused by his current salary. According to Spotrac, Prescott is projected to hit a salary cap hit of $59.46 million in 2024. For context, this amounts to 22.43% of the Cowboys’ 2024 salary cap. It’s worth spending that kind of money for elite QB play, but Dallas has room for improvement. Enter the register.

Extending Prescott would ease the cap hit this year, freeing up money to make moves. Of course, the bill will come due over the next few years but that’s not a problem if Dallas wants Dak to be the long-term QB. After a season where Prescott led the NFL in completions and touchdown passes, it seems like a no-brainer. But the Cowboys are entering a make-or-break year for head coach Mike McCarthy, which means a possible turning point in the franchise

Cowboys Dealing with ‘Star QB’ Money

While opinions differ on Prescott, the reality is that he finished as the runner-up for the 2023 MVP award. Entering the final year of his current deal while playing at a consistently high level calls for big money. That’s why’s Mike Fisher recently reported that an extension isn’t as simple as Prescott’s presence. They should be able to pay him enough to get ahead of the QB market.

“Is Dak worth the same value as the highest-paid QBs, Joe Burrow ($55 million per year) and Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert ($52 million per year)?” Fisher writes. “That’s not the point. “These negotiations are about the cost of doing business for a ‘star QB’ and whether Dallas is determined to be in business for the long term.”

Building an elite roster is expensive, and Dallas has a lot to consider. But as things stand, paying Prescott is the most immediate hurdle.

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