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Just two days after losing the Super Bowl, the 49ers are experiencing internal conflicts.

49ers Have Internal Strife Just Two Days After Losing the Super Bowl


The 49ers’ minds are so blown that they lost the Super Bowl, not even 48 hours later they have strife.

First, Brandon Aiyuk went on social media and indicated that he might not return to the 49ers next season — he might request a trade if they don’t offer him the contract extension he has in mind.

Then his brother and girlfriend went on social media and echoed Aiyuk’s sentiment.
So Aiyuk is upset, and he has every right to be, because he was excellent in the Super Bowl, and yet he received just six targets, which is a slap in his face.

He’ll never get as many targets as he deserves as long as he plays for Kyle Shanahan. If Aiyuk played for Andy Reid, you can be sure he would have the ball more often.

Jon Feliciano threw his fellow forward Spencer Burford under the bus for defending Colton McKivitz’s honor on Twitter.

You see, some random person tweeted that McKivitz was responsible for the pressure that ruined the 49ers’ final offensive play.


Feliciano responded to the tweet and took it upon himself to make sure everyone knew that the culprit was Spencer Burford and not McKivitz.

Feliciano later apologized to Burford, who did not deserve such public treatment from his teammate. If Feliciano had anything to say, he should have said it to Burford’s face or kept his mouth shut.

A team must stick together even after a loss. Losers don’t stick together. Losers blame each other. And until the 49ers actually win a Super Bowl, they will be underdogs at a high level.

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