Klay thompson was the dallas mavericks over the los angeles lakers for the unusual reason, according to a recent study.


A new report unveils the unusual reason Klay Thompson declined an opportunity to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, despite the team offering the salary he desired.

The biggest story in the NBA this past week has been the end of the Golden State Warriors’ Big Three era.

For months, there were rumors that franchise star Klay Thompson and the team were unable to agree on a new contract that would allow him to finish his career with the only team he had ever played for.

The situation reached a climax this week when the future Hall-of-Famer decided to join the Western Conference champion Dallas Mavericks for the next three seasons.


Despite choosing Dallas, he had several notable suitors, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

Recent reports claimed that LA offered him a deal worth $20 million per season — the amount he sought from Golden State — and he was even courted by NBA legend LeBron James, who was reportedly willing to accept less money to help bring Thompson to Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, the five-time All-Star opted to accept a lower salary with the Mavericks.

While this decision was surprising, it was logical since Dallas appears closer to winning a championship, which might be significant for the 34-year-old.

On Wednesday, an additional interesting detail emerged about why Thompson chose the Mavericks over the team his father once played for.

“James had several deep conversations with Thompson about the idea of playing together, sources said.

But something about playing for the Lakers apparently felt too much like playing for the Warriors,” ESPN NBA insiders Ramona Shelburne and Kendra Andrews reported.

As one source close to him put it, “Would this be trading one fishbowl for another?”

This situation reflects not only how the Lakers and Warriors are currently perceived in the league but also highlights the appeal of the Mavericks.


While the Lakers and Warriors are among the most famous NBA franchises, for players aiming to win a championship, the Mavericks and playing alongside Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are more enticing than teaming up with legends like LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

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