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Kyle Shanahan challenged the 49ers to send DK Metcalf into hysterics

Dec 16, 2023 #Kyle Shanahan

For anyone who’s ever gotten under DK Metcalf’s skin, Kyle Shanahan has a Christmas gift for you.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in a game marred by a brawl involving DK Metcalf and Fred Warner.

But getting under Metcalf’s skin appears to be part of the 49ers’ game plan.

The team had had a meeting the night before and San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan suggested to his players that they try to get the Seahawks receivers to lose their cool.

Shanahan also reportedly edited and released various clips of Metcalf going berserk in the past.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Shanahan told his players, “We’re going to put the number 14 on him to make him lose his mind.” “A Christmas gift to the recipient.”


It looks like Fred Warner is going to get something for the holiday, as it all came crashing down in the final minute of the fourth period.

After Warner’s interception, Metcalf body-slammed the 49ers linebacker, prompting Warner to respond by pushing him from behind.

Metcalf grabbed Warner’s mask, sparking a melee involving several players on both sides. When the smoke cleared, Metcalf and 49ers cornerback Deommodore Lenoir were ejected from the game. Mission Complete.

Except for the first quarter, San Francisco virtually dominated the entire game.

With disappointment brewing among Seattle players, it was easy for Warner to get tickets as a Christmas gift.

With a 10-3 record, the 49ers are already confident they will make the playoffs. But the Seahawks are currently looking at the playoff picture from the outside in.

It doesn’t help the team if Metcalf continues to play mind games. But it was a good thing for coach Kyle Shanahan.

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