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Legendary head coach Jimmy Johnson is ‘back in fold with Cowboys,Jimmy discuss on how cowboys will…

FRISCO, Texas – Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys have been leaning heavily toward makeup lately. The much-publicized split occurred decades ago, in the early 1990s. This was after Johnson, along with owner and general manager Jerry Jones, helped the team win two Super Bowl titles.

In 2023, a long-standing rift was healed when Jones included Johnson in the team’s coveted Ring of Honor at halftime of a Week 17 game against the Detroit Lions.

The two are constantly insisting that there was no hard feelings, and it is true that they are currently talking about whether that is true or just a rumor. Well, according to Johnson, to say they’re just talking would be an understatement. “Since the Ring of Honor, I am on his Jerry Jones’] advisory board now,” Johnson said, possibly with a bit of a jest regarding having an actual title, to Joe Rose on **[WQAM 560 AM in Miami**.


Granted, Johnson was enjoying a hefty chuckle while saying that, but the underlying point regarding the mended relationship hits home; and it’s clear Johnson and Jones are also indeed back to talking football — the former willing to again lend advice to the Cowboys.

“We were talking on the phone about an hour after his Green Bay loss, and he was talking about what all he needed to do because he had big decisions on Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn and Dak Prescott,” Johnson added. “Everything is hunky dory now. I am back in the fold with the Cowboys.”

It’s unlikely you’ll get confirmation that Johnson is officially back in the organization in any capacity when factoring in his contractual commitment to broadcasting, but nothing says he can’t offer up a listening ear and his opinions of the team to an old buddy of his in Jones. After hearing Johnson’s comments about the Cowboys’ owner before the event, it seemed like the inevitable next step in the Cowboys’ evolution. “We both worked around the clock.” He said this about Jones during his Dynasty days: “People don’t realize the kind of relationship [we] have. At that time, Jerry and I talked every day. I was in his office every day. And we had no disagreements at all, which surprised a lot of people. But we were always on the same page.

“And towards the end of my career there was probably a bit of tension. As far as the cowboys were concerned, we didn’t talk much because we were too busy going in different directions. My feelings about Jerry never changed. I love that person. “He’s been a big part of my entire career, probably the biggest part.”

So the final chapter in this exciting story was about mending fences, shaking hands and hugging. And for those who have long associated the Cowboys’ championship drought with a curse that supposedly had something to do with the way Johnson left Dallas, not only is the legendary coach immortal and in good spirits, but he is also “back in action” and the Cowboy’s coach. Helps development. And if the past is any indicator, historical events usually happen when Johnson and Jones put aside their differences and think together. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll find a DeLorean and a magnetic capacitor in 2024.

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