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Liverpool Rumors: Liverpool are already building an exciting new partnership as Jürgen Klopp adjusts pre-season plan

Aug 24, 2023 #Jurgen Klopp

Footage released from Liverpool training sessions seems to have hinted at a new partnership that could make Jürgen Klopp’s side even better than before.

The changes in Liverpool this summer may have been more than people expected. Especially when it comes to leaving. Times are changing at the club, pieces are changing for Jürgen Klopp and new partnerships will also emerge.

It’s a daunting and exciting time for Liverpool. No doubt more signings still need to be brought in, but the club have also already brought in some exciting players who are already perfectly suited to Klopp’s style of play – although it will inevitably take some time to settle in and get used to their surroundings. must .


Dominik Szoboszlai was perhaps the club’s most impressive new signing. He fitted in well and won Player of the Match honors in his first home game of the season.


His constant running and energy brought a breath of fresh air. But beyond that, his tactical versatility has also been of great use to Klopp, who has already used him in various positions, from defensive midfielder to left winger in his first two Premier League appearances.

Since the start of the pre-season, the question of where Szoboszlai will play keeps coming up.

At first, we saw him emerge on the left side of the midfield. He played most of his pre-season games there, although he was expected to play on the right flank.

And it’s where Szoboszlai has started his two Premier League appearances so far. His consistent running and tactical intelligence make him someone who makes sense in the right midfield position.

Szoboszlai has shown in recent games his ability to follow Trent Alexander-Arnold and cover when needed, which has undoubtedly made Liverpool more stable than last season.

This right-wing role also brought him into contact with Mohamed Salah. And although he made a few appearances on the left in pre-season, it seems his role on the right could have a lasting role, based on some training footage released by the club.

Perhaps most telling is how Szoboszlai has been selected to partner in both of this season’s soccer-tennis tournaments, winning the first and then finishing second on Tuesday.

It’s important not to read too much about those teams, but given that there is method behind every decision made in training, it should be noted that Liverpool want Szoboszlai close to Salah.

It is clear that by working together in football-tennis, the goal is to create understanding and a bond between the two of them.

This will only benefit Liverpool. The club’s right has already been lethal with Salah and Alexander-Arnold, but with Szoboszlai added to the mix alongside the club’s Egyptian star, there will be another potentially lethal partnership to contend with for opponents Liverpool, and that will do no more than making Klopp’s team harder to crack.