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Liverpool have asked to play the first away game of next season as the Anfield project enters its final stages

Liverpool submit Premier League bid as £80m Anfield Road opening date nears

Liverpool have asked to play the first game of the 23/24 season away as the £80million Anfield Road expansion project enters the final weeks.


The club officially began work on the 7,000-seater expansion in September 2021 at a ceremony where manager Jurgen Klopp opened the ground and progress has accelerated in recent months as Liverpool have accelerated in time to do so.

The completion date is approaching for the new campaign.

Liverpool insist they are on the right track financially and operationally and the final home game of the current season is against Aston Villa at the 20th end at Anfield.

Last season’s 63-game marathon campaign, which saw the Reds play 30 games at Anfield, made development a challenge, but a sparse fixture list this season has meant increased productivity, particularly during international breaks and the recent five-week break between home games.

against Manchester United and Arsenal. The break for the World Cup between the middle of November and the end of December also helped.


The 80 million pound project now in its last phase and the club asked if it could play its first match of the new semester at home to give them a few days to transmit everyone if you are aligning what is expected. The greatest quantity of the era of the Premier League.

Liverpool played his first three games of the 1987/88 season after the collapse of a sewer in the Kop,

While they also started the 2016/17 campaign with matches in Arsenal, Burnley, Burton Albion and Tottenham before The main stand on September 10 open a 4-1 victory against the Leicester champions then. A similar request has now been presented to the management committee.

“We are asked every year and we made a request for our first match of the season so as not to be at home,” said Paul Cuttill, vice-president of stadium operations, at the Echo.

We have yet to have that confirmed by the Premier League, I must stress. However, if confirmed, we expect around August 19 for our first home game of the new season to be played here with the road of Anfield opened brand new.


“I’m thrilled and excited to get to this and getting you everywhere today is a feat because it’s been a challenge. We’re on schedule and we’re on budget.

It’s been an incredibly tough time. When we get to At this point, after our last game at home, we have a four-week window where we will take the roof off and that will be the next big step.

We have to hit them to keep going and make sure we are on track to be ready in time for the start of the 23/24 season.

“Keeping the stadium open as we work on it, in terms of the lower Anfield Road stadium and not losing capacity, making sure the experience for fans is always the same when they come to a game.

And that’s our delivery process, Liverpool City Council, Buckingham Group (contractors), all went very smoothly and meant we managed this project right up to the last minute.

“He was instrumental in making sure we stayed on track, so it was a challenge. Also the weather, which from a club point of view is probably more Buckingham’s problem than ours as it gets incredibly windy at Anfield.

” The high lifts they had to do were demanding, but we’ve done it now.
“The number of games played here last season was a real challenge.

It was finding those windows when there was an international break or wherever and we needed to make sure the team was doing as much as possible at that time, so that was incredibly difficult as a challenge.

” I’m really proud of everyone as a team because yes it was tough.
“The next stage is to get rid of all the Liverpool stuff and then the pitch will be covered.

We did some tests with the AXA Center cranes to see if [weight] is needed to get things into the space that can carry them.
“We bring two very large cranes to the site and I say it sounds easy, but they’ll cut the roof open, open it on the ground and take it away.

Then they will demolish the upper level. And then there’s another four-week window in which this is supposed to take place.

There’s a lot of planning and work, especially by Buckingham, to make sure this is delivered on time. So that’s the next big step for this project.”

The Reds are unlikely to hold a pre-season friendly before the new season, but the club have yet to hold a test event before officially opening up to fans in August.

Liverpool have no plans to host summer concerts this year, but hope to reopen for major events in the 2024 post-season.

The new stand, which will take Anfield’s total capacity to 61,000, will create around 500 more jobs and the club believe further expansion of their iconic stadium represents “the best of both worlds” to grow at its base while increasing the number of supporters who can be present on match days.

It’s absolutely the best of both worlds,” added Cuttill, speaking after ECHO had a tour of the development project. “I’ve been here 20 years and sometimes the fans are part of this club.


“The atmosphere in this stadium is just amazing and I can’t wait to see that grandstand open and see those 7,000 more fans and how much more atmosphere they will bring to this stadium because I think it’s going to be incredible.

I’ll stay” in the same place I think it’s really very special.
“There’s a lot of pride from all kinds of different people.

Within my own team, security, kitchens, whatever, were part of that process and there are a lot of incredibly involved people behind the scenes that come to life and will bring this stage to life for 23/. 24 season.”

With the £80m development coming seven years after the completion of the £115m Main Stands project, total expenditure on the stadium over the past decade is close to £200m and M Cuttill has refused to accept any further capacity increases ruled out later on the route, although there are currently no plans in the pipeline.

He adds: “For me personally, I’m not involved or aware of any further talks regarding Anfield’s expansion. I don’t think anyone can say ever, but what I would say is we don’t know.

Not what it would look like. Right now I think we’re comfortable going to 61,000 and going that far and seeing what Anfield looks like after that. But at this point there’s no no intention of continuing.”

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