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Liverpool updates: Anfield return – “The best place you can imagine” Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp’s emotional words for Anfield are back: “The best place you can imagine”.

Jurgen Klopp has a knack for finding the right words at the right time and in Liverpool’s run-up to Anfield return he did just that.


If you weren’t excited before, you soon will be.

It’s been 91 days since the Reds last played at Anfield, and a lot has changed on and off the pitch since then.

However, one thing has remained the same regarding the club’s spiritual home: “It’s the best place you can imagine to play a game of football.”

These are the words of the coach who anticipated the return of his team to Anfield in an exciting video message published on Liverpool’s social platforms.

Bournemouth are the first visitors of the season, although Klopp’s words refer not only to Saturday’s game, but also to what the stadium has to offer whenever Liverpool take the field.

If you weren’t already eager to return to Anfield, you certainly will be after receiving Klopp’s message.


Here are every word of him:

It is the best place you can imagine to watch a football match. A very special place.
It feels totally like home, it feels really at ease. And it’s very, very close.

I feel like I know everyone at the stadium over the weekend, it’s like I’ve seen every face at least once.

For us it is real. Before entering I had no idea; Everyone told me about it, and now I can say that you never get used to it.
It’s absolutely crazy.

If you give them even the slightest reason to be very loud and wild and enthusiastic and helpful, they will do it with everything they have.

I’ve loved this game since I was five years old. The best thing to do is feel like a part of something and get away from all the things that might happen during the week.

During these 95 minutes, it is perfectly permissible to put yourself in your place and stick to it.

All of us who are at the stadium from time to time are lucky enough to be part of one of the best atmospheres, not just in English football but in world sport in general.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is truly the greatest moment you can imagine when 50,000 people sing this song and you know it’s for you.

If some of us are struggling, together is the only way through this.
Well said, Jurgen. On the reds!