Martin Brundle announces ‘surprising’ verdict on Lando Norris, declares Verstappen winner

Ex-racer and current pundit Martin Brundle believes Lando Norris “let Max Verstappen off the ropes” during the Austrian Grand Prix, giving the World Championship leader a psychological advantage.


Verstappen and Norris collided at Turn 3 while battling for the lead on Lap 64 of 71, resulting in punctures for both drivers.

The incident led to Norris’ retirement, while Verstappen, despite receiving a 10-second penalty for causing the collision, finished in fifth place.

Martin Brundle claims Max Verstappen achieved a psychological victory

In his analysis for Sky F1 ahead of Norris’ home race, the British Grand Prix, Brundle expressed his opinion that Verstappen emerged as the psychological victor.

He also questioned the notion that the friendship between the two drivers had quickly recovered following their collision.

“I think they were both really unlucky to get race-ending for Lando and race-disturbing for Max punctures there,” Brundle said.

“In the same race, at the first corner, Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri had a big contact and Piastri didn’t get a puncture, and it ripped Leclerc’s front wing off, so it’s luck of the draw in that respect.

It is black and white that if you return to the racing line after defending, you must leave at least a car’s width, there’s no argument on that. It’s not always applied though. So it is a penalty under our own rules. That’s just a fact.

“Max obviously wanted to stop Lando from cutting back underneath and getting the run and the DRS down to Turn 4. I’m surprised Lando kind of let Max off the ropes like that, to be honest.

He should have just sort of kept in there a little bit because Max is a street fighter extraordinaire. And I think psychologically, that’s another win for Max in that particular matter.

I’m coming from the era of [Nigel] Mansell versus [Nelson] Piquet, [Alain] Prost versus [Ayrton] Senna and even more recently, Lewis [Hamilton] versus Max, and I don’t know how you could be best mates on a Monday morning, but clearly they think they can.”


Verstappen’s lead over Norris in the Drivers’ Championship stands at 81 points heading into the British GP.

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