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Maxx Crosby, a pass rusher for the Raiders, reports he is fully healed from a knee ailment that kept him out of practice

Apr 16, 2024 #Max Holloway, #Maxx Crosby

For Maxx Crosby, the fervent pass-rush player for the Las Vegas Raiders, the second part of the previous season became commonplace.

Give up on the practice week and be prepared on Sunday. Despite having a bad knee, Crosby was still prepared to play in all 17 games.

However, he also understood that he needed to recover from the season, and Crosby declared on Monday as the Raiders kicked off their summer practice that he had done just that.

Crosby remarked, “Rehab has been incredible.” “I just aced my conditioning test last week, and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thus, it has been an amazing offseason as far.

For the rest of the NFL, a healthy Crosby is a bad thing. Last season, while being far from being healthy, he still finished with career highs of 90 tackles and 14 1/2 sacks.

With six sacks, he ranked sixth in the league. “I see myself as a fighter,” Crosby declared. “I tell my coaches that in order to remove me from the field, you will have to kill me.


Although it sounds absurd, this is the reality. This is not something I see as a game. This is how I live. I gave it everything I had. I am genuinely employed year-round.

Around Raiders headquarters, his work ethic is highly regarded, and head coach Antonio Pierce has repeatedly said that Crosby is

in terms of his dedication to improving, on an other plane. During the offseason, Crosby stays in Las Vegas to work out at the team’s facilities.

He gets there every day at six in the morning and leaves at two in the afternoon. About thirty of Crosby’s colleagues agreed to stay in town after Pierce urged him to lead the charge. “AP confronted me early,” declared Crosby.

It isn’t only about me. While there are many excellent players, the truly exceptional ones elevate others. I interpreted that as personal. When veterans arrive, it helps because it leaves the young men with no choice but to stay here.

“This team seems to have endless potential,” We possess more than enough skill to accomplish great things, but none of it will happen until you take the initiative and do it yourself.

Thus, we have a ton of work ahead of us. A huge lover of combat sports, Crosby trained this offseason by boxing three or four times a week.

A week ago, he even sparred with Dominick Cruz, an MMA bantamweight. Additionally, he noticed a reflection of himself in Max Holloway during Saturday night’s UFC 300 in Las Vegas.

Even though Holloway had the judges’ cards in the bag, he challenged Justin Gaethje should give it his best in the last ten seconds. With one second remaining in the five-round fight, Holloway stopped Gaethje with a barrage of punches from both competitors.

Crosby remarked, “That was one of the coldest things I’ve ever seen with my two eyes.” “I was genuinely speechless for ten minutes straight, repeating, ‘Oh my God,’ as I witnessed it firsthand there.

That was really unbelievable to me. Holloway is a perfect example of the attitude that says, “I don’t care, I’m not here to just win, I’m here to put (a) stamp on this and be the baddest dude in the game.”


This is why I enjoy fighting so much. And on Saturda night, he demonstrated that tenfold.

Despite saying he likes the players on this squad, Crosby understands the Raiders, who finished 8-9 the previous season, have a lot to prove as well. Ultimately, though, nothing counts if the work isn’t done.

Crosby wants to focus on that work rather than the events that transpired in the Raiders stadium in February.

Following Kansas City’s victory in the Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium, one of Las Vegas’s most formidable rivals, Marquez Valdes-Scantling placed a Chiefs flag on the field.

Crosby remarked, “You’re wasting time and energy if you’re thinking and worrying about the other guys.” “I can assure you that he wouldn’t ultimately place a flag over a Raider logo.”

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