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Micah Parsons Is Attempting To Play A Different Role For The Cowboys

Micah Parsons is a unique talent for the Dallas Cowboys.

An energetic player on defense, he causes havoc for the offensive by having a keen sense of the opposing quarterback.

He appears to be a man of many talents, though, and he wants to showcase them all on the football field. He not only aspires to be the team’s kickoff returner but also a dynamic linebacker-edge defender.

John Fassel, the coordinator of special teams for the Cowboys, recently disclosed on The

Parsons has genuinely pushed to be the team’s kickoff returner, according to the Ross Tucker Podcast (via ProFootballTalk): “Micah is someone you know.


He has previously pushed me to serve as the team’s main kickoff returner, according to Fassel. “That’s a question Micah, you have to go a little further up than me on that one,” I say.

Would I mind seeing him back there, though? Without a doubt, he would be amazing.

Though Fassel acknowledges that the decision is not his to make, he thinks he could perform admirably. The guys who make those decisions do not want to see their star defensive player put his body in danger.

When he caught it, he would run like crazy and most likely gain amazing yards. However, it is not going to occur. That’s something I know.

Especially with the new regulations, the assistant coach thinks Parsons would be excellent in kickoff coverage. Once more, this squad simply cannot afford to risk his injury on special teams.

Parsons isn’t the strongest player on the field, despite his explosiveness and quickness, and some think he would benefit from bulking up to be able to withstand the roughness of his position a little better over the course of a full season.

He has always been exhausted by the end of the season, so maybe it would be wiser for him to concentrate on becoming an expert at what he does already rather than expanding his skill set.

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