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NFL Draft hopes Eagles build unstoppable offense around Jalen Hurts

A new offensive coordinator… a former MVP candidate that everyone has questions about… The Philadelphia Eagles will once again be an exciting team with stars at every position on the offensive depth chart. That MVP candidate? Maybe you’ve heard of him. His name is Jalen Hurts. Those salaries will be even higher next NFL season, but for him to be successful, Philadelphia needs to continue to build a supporting cast around him.

The Philadelphia office has two ways to accomplish this. The rush of free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft. Let’s spend a few seconds focusing on the latter. We’ve looked at a few options that would give Kellen Moore more weapons and boost the Jays’ offense. True, some of them will be more difficult to find than others.

Dream goal? : Blake Corum, RB, Michigan

We would never put a ton of money on any theory that the Eagles would invest early entry capital in a running back. It will be interesting to see what kind of discussion we hear if Jalen Carter is selected early in the 2023 NFL Draft and Beyan Robinson is available when the Jays make their pick on the clock.

Sources tell us the Phillies still won’t draft Beyoung, despite a large group of people wanting to. That said, Michigan State’s Blake Collum wearing an Eagles jersey seems impossible, but you have to admit. The Phillies offense will be fun to watch when he is in the lineup. But we can dream, can’t we? We’ll see what happens in the draft, as we thought Carter was a long shot this time last year.

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