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NFL legend Tom Brady  revealed   who   he   thinks   should   be   the  NFL MVP  this   season

NFL legend Tom Brady knows a thing or two about winning NFL  MVP   awards,  as he is a three-time  MVP.  

And  the retired  guard   announced  who he thinks should be the  league’s  MVP this year.

Tom Brady  believes  San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey should win the NFL MVP award this season. 

Tom Brady joined the conversation  on  a recent episode of  Let’s   Go!   Joining   the  podcast  was  49ers All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey, whose name  was   mentioned   in  the MVP  thread   along   with  teammate and San Francisco  defensive   end  Brock Purdy. 

“I remember the first time I  saw  Christian  in the Rose Bowl,” Brady said.

“He caught  a   corner  pass against Iowa and ran  it  for about  75   yards.   “Well,   you   won’t   get   caught!”  I  thought…   he  was a dynamic player  back  then. 

He’s  a dynamic player  now  and I think  everything   he’s  done this year is  very   similar   to  what  he’s  done in the past.

It’s a different team with some different opportunities and they’ve been really dynamic on offense. 

“So he is definitely in my mind the MVP favorite and according to his quarterback too, Brock Purdy, who says some amazing things about him.


And I know you’ll say, because you’re a great team player, the Super Bowl is the only thing that really matters.

With the offseason that the running backs have, do you kind of feel like an award like that would be pretty nice?”

Right now, it’s another San Francisco 49er that is the Vegas favorite to take home the award, in quarterback Brock Purdy.

Purdy is currently around 200 to win the award, with Lamar Jackson being in second place at around 500 and McCaffrey at roughly 1200. 

However,  Brock Purdy himself thinks  Christian McCaffrey should win the  MVP   award.  

On   Sunday,   when   he   was  asked about  accepting  the award after the  team’s  win over the  Cardinals,  he said  he  should  give   the   award  to his  teammate   and  not Purdy. 

I agree with  Tom Brady and Brock Purdy that it should go to Christian McCaffrey.

The league leader in  rushing  yards is  actually   the   man   behind   this   incredible   offense   in  San  Francisco,  and without him they would  have   been   greatly   outgunned.  

Due   to  injuries and not  being   able   to   perform  at 100%  until  the middle of the season, the team lost three games in a row  and   scored  only  17 points in each game. 

But   with   the   game   just  three weeks  away,   various   players   appear  to  have   the   best   odds  of  winning  this year.

Anything  can  happen. Keep  an  eye  out   for  Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

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