Nico Hulkenberg expresses surprise at Haas team’s performance, finding it to be unexpected.

Nico Hulkenberg surprised by Haas performance – ‘It was unexpected’Unexpected performance of the only American team on the F1 grid appears to increase, Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg explains the impact of the upgrade package launched on the VF-24 F1 car at Silverstone.


This development puts Haas on track to become the fifth-fastest Formula One team on the circuit. Sixth for the second weekend in a row, Hulkenberg says improvement in the British Grand Prix gave Haas an unexpected performance that could help in the Constructors’ Championship fight.

The VCARB Racing team is in sixth place (31 points), and Aston Martin Racing is in fifth place (68 points). Haas is currently in seventh place with 27 points.

If it can make the most of the F1 car’s improved performance, it can challenge the top four in Formula One: McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes Sides Ferrari.

Describing how his performance improved after the British Grand Prix, Hulkenberg told the media:”Getting eight points again, sixth place twice in a row, is obviously a good feeling and rewarding.

>”It was unexpected, but I think it was worth it. We worked hard on this. We kept it clean, no changes, good strategy. very good.

“I think the best thing, though, has been our work to improve the car and I really think we are now competing with Aston, Alpine and others for the fifth fastest team title.

> “I think we’ve done it. We’ve changed a lot this season and I think we can continue.”Teammate Kevin Magnussen, who started 17th and finished 12th, found the promotion very encouraging.

He added: “I think it’s good.””I mean, improving the car and seeing it score points in the first race, yeah, it’s encouraging. “We know on paper that it’s not a world difference. , but it’s in the details, right? But without that Nico would score again.

It’s very encouraging and I’m looking forward to more games. ”Under the new leadership of team principal Ayao Komatsu (who replaced Guenther Steiner earlier this year), Hulkenberg called the Haas ride “a great comeback,” adding:I mean, nobody expected it.

This, even when we started, was better than expected, “But we stayed with everyone and did the same job, maybe better.

“I think it’s a weekend too, and it depends on the track, so we’ll have to wait and see, but no, it’s definitely a great comeback and a story to tell.”

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