Norris points out Mercedes’ key player while downplaying Verstappen’s focus.

Lando Norris believes Mercedes has a “saviour” heading into the British Grand Prix, which means he cannot only focus on the threat from Max Verstappen.


Norris’s error on his final qualifying lap resulted in him starting third on the grid, behind an all-Mercedes front row at Silverstone.

This marks the first time in almost two years that Mercedes has achieved this.

The British 1-2-3 is a first for the British GP, and it ends a 56-year wait since Jim Clark, Graham Hill, and Jackie Stewart achieved the feat in the 1968 South African Grand Prix.

Naturally, there is now a significant chance of a British winner, potentially from Mercedes, according to Norris, who is mindful of aspects that could benefit the Silver Arrows during the race, although he remains optimistic about McLaren’s prospects.

“I think even if you look at last year, Mercedes was probably one of the quickest in the race, if not potentially the quickest,” Norris told select media, including RacingNews365.

“So I expect them to be very quick, especially as they can look after their front tyres very well. They have a very good front end, and I think that’s going to be a good saviour for them tomorrow.

Again, the conditions are going to be tricky, but we’re there. We’ve been very quick in the races over the last two months.

It’s probably been one of our strengths. It’s been race pace over quali pace. But this is a very different type of circuit.

It’s a very different layout. But it’s still a strength. And hopefully it comes back towards us a little bit tomorrow.”

Wider focus

Heading into the weekend, the biggest story remained the clash between Norris and Verstappen at the Austrian Grand Prix. Many have speculated about what could happen if they duel on Sunday and if a similar incident could occur.

With the reigning world champion starting in fourth, Norris expects Verstappen to be in the fight for victory; however, he emphasizes that Mercedes also need to be considered.


“I’m sure Max is going to be racing us, but I’ve still got two other guys I’ve got to worry about, so I don’t care just about Red Bull,” insisted Norris. “I think our strategy has been very good over the last two months, so I’m happy.

The team are doing a good job, and therefore I’m confident we can execute a good race. We need good pace. We need to be able to race well.

I need to pass two guys if that’s going to be on the cards. So, yeah, confident from what we know and what we’ve seen over the last few races that we can go forwards.”

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