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One overlooked factor in the 49ers defensive coordinator search.

One overlooked factor in the 49ers defensive coordinator search.

It’s been 16 days since the San Francisco 49ers began their search for a new defensive coordinator. It’s clear the 49ers are in no rush to hire a coach just yet, and for good reason.


No other team has a defensive coordinator vacancy, so the 49ers have options. It is better to take your time making a decision about a coach than to rush too quickly.

The 49ers were smart to take advantage of this. However, there is one element that is being overlooked in the 49ers’ defensive coordinator search.

This certainly plays a role in why it takes so long to hire someone. This element is continuity. Whoever the 49ers ultimately hire as defensive coordinator, they will certainly expect that person to stay there for at least two or three seasons.

The last thing the 49ers want to do is hire someone who will leave after one season despite being in perfect shape. That would mark the third straight year the 49ers will be looking for a new defensive coordinator.

This is not something Kyle Shanahan wants to deal with again. I think this is why hiring big names like Bill Belichick and Mike Vrabel isn’t ideal.
Sure, both could be great coordinators, but they probably won’t stick around season after season.

The 49ers are looking for continuity, and rightfully so. A game of musical chairs from the defensive coordinator would be frustrating and could cause some regression on that side of the ball. For the 49ers, it would be best to find someone who will join the team for the next few years.

Looking at the candidates interviewed, it is likely that each will remain with the team for at least one or two seasons. I sincerely doubt Brandon Staley, Nick Sorensen, Daniel Bullox or David Merritt will be gone in a year.


But it’s not that easy to decide. And I’m sure that’s one of the reasons the 49ers slowed down their search. They were probably seriously considering a coach who could be “all over”. This is why it is so important for them to take their time.

Whatever the benefit to the team, it’s a good idea to take the time to find a coach who will remain as defensive coordinator beyond next season.

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