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One possibility is that one or more coaches may depart from their opposing teams within the same division.

One or more coaches could leave their division rivals.

Washington has taken the necessary steps now that Adam Peters (the new general manager) and Quinn can begin to work together.


But one thing Quinn has to do is figure out who wants to run the offense. Eric Bieniemy has only been in his business for a year and he has been doing the best he can with the pieces he has. However, we don’t think “EB” will stay in that job for long, as we’re sure Quinn will want his job.

Could it be Chip Kelly? Clint Kubiak of the Niners? A Cowboy assistant poached from Mike McCarthy’s offensive line? However, ESPN’s Jon Keim agreed and said Quinn’s top priority is finding a new offensive coordinator. “Looking for the best offensive coordinator,” Keim wrote. “While Quinn’s fall in Atlanta is his defense, the crime must first be tried in Washington.

The Chiefs will likely select a quarterback with the second overall pick in the 2024 draft, so it’s important that Quinn has a well-developed offensive scheme. “That means not only the coordinator, but the defensive coach as well.

He also needs a good succession plan in case his coordinator becomes successful and quickly leaves for a head coaching position.

Currently in Washington, Eric Bieniemy is the offensive coordinator and Tavita Pritchard is the defensive backs coach. “Both are under contract until 2024,” he said.

Could Quinn and Washington really move on from Bieniemy after one season? In some ways this seems “unfair”. …And maybe Quinn will at least interview him.

Last season, under Bieniemy, Washington ranked 25th in offense (19.4 ppg), 15th in passing yards (245 ppg), 27th in passing yards (93.6 ppg), and 25th in scoring (329 ppg).

The Philadelphia Eagles are asking Miami Dolphins safeties coach Joe Kasper to interview for the same role, according to a report from NFL insider Cameron Wolfe.

Wolfe specifically points out that new Eagles defensive coordinator Vic Fangio values Kasper. Kasper joined the Dolphins last year and spent the 2021 and 2022 seasons as the Eagles’ defensive quality control coach.

So a return to Philadelphia is possible. Miami doesn’t have to give the Eagles permission to interview Kasper if they want to keep him. But new Dolphins defensive coordinator Chris Shula likely has personnel ideas of his own.

The Eagles haven’t used the title “safeties coach” since Tim Hauck last held the position in 2020. Since Nick Sirianni took over in 2021, the Eagles have had a defensive backs coach (Dennard Wilson 2021-22, DK McDonald 2023) and an assistant defensive backs coach (MacDonald 2021-22, Taver Johnson 2023).

They also added a Knicks coach (Ronell Williams) last season. Let’s see if the Eagles acquire Casper. Now that Morristown native Dan Quinn is the Commanders’ head coach, the Cowboys need a defensive coordinator.

So could former Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale replace Quinn in Dallas? If Martindale does so, he will get a chance to harass Giants coach Brian Daboll a second time in 2024 following last season’s ugly divorce.


Daboll, who went 6-11 last season, is heading into his third year (he still has to find a new defensive coordinator). And as a result of the negotiations with Martindale, there are no restrictions.

What defensive coordinator position could Martindale fill this offseason? He interviewed with the Jaguars and became a target for the Eagles. However, both teams hired different defensive coordinators: Ryan Nielsen in Jacksonville and Vic Fangio in Philadelphia.

Martindale didn’t bring in any big-name defensive coordinators this offseason. However, even if Martindale doesn’t get the Eagles job, he could still remain in Dallas.

And like the Eagles, the Cowboys have no shortage of talented defensive backs like Micah Parsons. Dallas finished 2023 ranked fifth in Pro Football Focus’ defensive ratings, compared to 14th for the Eagles and 26th for the Giants.

(Part of the Giants’ uneven defensive performance in 2023 included allowing 640 yards in a 49-17 loss at Dallas — the second-most yards they’ve ever allowed.)

Of course, you have to wonder what Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy — who is on the hot seat, like Daboll and the Eagles’ Nick Sirianni — would think about working with Martindale, given the way things crumbled between Daboll and Martindale.

That has to be a consideration here. Even if Martindale doesn’t get Quinn’s old job, Quinn heading to Washington means another intriguing defensive coordinator position is open — more competition for Daboll’s ongoing search.

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